GE Scores Largest Renewable Energy Order In Thailand

GE announced on Wednesday that it had received its largest renewable energy order in Thailand to build the three 90 megawatt clusters for the Theparak Wind farm in Central Thailand. GE Renewable Energy and GE Power have announced that they have … #renewableenergy #energy #tesla

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Solar Energy Pros And Cons: The True Advantage Of Solar Panels

Ultimately solar panels can be used throughout most of the world, provide clean and renewable energy, and can save money in the long run. The barriers to entry include high initial set up costs, and high costs for the storage of energy. Thankfully … #savingenergy #energy #solarpanels #solarenergy

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Wind power: The next helicopter frontier

Wind power is one of the fastest growing forms of energy production, and offshore wind farms are increasingly being supported by helicopters. According to the Westwood Global Energy Group, global offshore windfarm capacity is expected to increase 330 …and more » #windpower #windturbine #wind #windenergy

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GE Makes Three Global Wind Power Announcements

GE has made three wind-related announcements in Thailand, Egypt and the Netherlands. In Thailand, the company will provide 270 MW of wind; in Egypt, it will connect an additional 120 MW of wind power to the grid; and in the Netherlands, it has sent the …and more » #windpower #windenergy #renewableenergy #tesla

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Solar Power Is Blooming in Minnesota

Brian Vetter, a corn, soy, and alfalfa farmer who also raises cattle and hogs in south-central Minnesota, long dreamed of lighting up his farm with solar panels. The farm spanned two counties and two different utility providers, one of which, the local … #solarpower #solar #solarenergy #solarpanels

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