These 5 US Towns Are Powered Entirely By Renewable Energy

While cities’ pursuit of 100 percent renewable energy is an “admirable goal,” the feasibility of every city achieving this target depends partly on the city government’s mandates and how they define what “100 percent renewable” means, said Michelle … #renewableenergy #energy #power #climatechange #cleanenergy

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Can you guess your home’s biggest energy wasters?

On average, over a third of the energy we use in our homes is wasted. Your local Touchstone Energy Cooperative is committed to helping you improve your home’s energy efficiency and, in turn, saving you money. October is National Energy Awareness … #savingenergyinyourhome


China breaking all solar power records, aiming for 50GW in 2017

China is leading the world in solar power installations by a long run. ASECEA is predicting that 50GW of solar power is well within reach of being installed this year. In June and July of 2017, China installed 25GW of solar power – and they’ll push the …and more » #solarpower #power #solarenergy #energy

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Scientists Have Created a Concrete Roof That Generates Solar Power

Researchers in Switzerland have developed a new form of molded roofing capable of harvesting solar power. The design is expected to help a residential building produce more energy than it uses up. #solarpower #solarenergy #panels #power

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