Dutch airports to be powered by renewable energy from 2018

The Royal Schiphol Group has announced that all of its business units are set to run on sustainable power from the beginning of 2018. From 2020, all of the power will come from new Dutch wind farms run by energy company Eneco. While the new wind farms …and more » #renewableenergy #energy #renewables #power #windpower

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Renewable Energy Isn’t Just Cutting Costs, It’s Saving Lives

A new study shows that renewables, particularly solar and wind energy, have significantly improved air quality in the United States from 2007 to 2015. The increased use of solar and wind resulted in thousands of lives saved. #renewableenergy #energy #power #renewables #wind

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GE to help develop the biggest wind farm in Australia, will supply 123 wind turbines

GE has announced that it has entered into an agreement with the Powering Australian Renewables Fund (PARF) to both supply and install 123 wind turbines for what is set to be Australia’s largest wind farm. PARF is a partnership between AGL Energy … #energy #power #windpower #windenergy

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Vestas Wins Order to Supply Mexico’s Biggest Wind Energy Project

Vestas Wind Systems A/S won an order for 424 megawatts of turbines from Zumia Energia for Mexico’s largest wind project. The Reynosa wind park will be Tamaulipas, northeastern Mexico, according to an emailed statement. Each turbine will have a … #energy #power #windpower #wind

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Wind and solar energy are literally (that’s a literal ‘literally’) saving lives.

The increasing presence of wind and solar in the United States helped prevent the premature deaths of up to 12,700 people between 2007 and 2015, according to a new study from Nature Energy. How’s that? Well, with the rise of clean energy, there’s a …and more » #solar #wind #today #solarpower #renewables

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