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Wind Turbine Generators – Free power from mother nature. Maybe we could install it now

Wind generators are one of the most reliable forms of alternative power sources on the planet. They are made to manufacture power by transforming the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy, which is then either harnessed directly (in the case of windmills, for example, which were used to change wheat into flour, or to pump water for farming) or coupled to a generator that creates a DC output that can be used in a more general sense. In this article I will be talking about the type of wind generators that produce electric energy, as this is more useful to us in our daily lives.Wind turbines are basically large windmills, with gigantic blades that rotate in the wind and produce power from the conversion of the winds force. Wind turbines are manufactured from plastic, aluminium, steel and numerous other space age metals.Wind turbines have a few negative impacts on the environment. They are very visible, and quite unsightly since they must be put in proximity to windy, open terrain to be useful – attempts to locate them off the coast have been met with great success. They require a great deal of energy in their manufacture, energy which is typically fossil-based, and therefore it can take a considerable amount of time before they are positive in terms of total carbon emissions – this time can be anywhere from 2 to 5 years. Wind turbines are linked to the mauling of rare species of birds that can be mutilated as they pass through the turbine fans during migratory passages.With all of the downsides aside, wind turbines should be a choice when talking about a broad plan for renewable energy. Once erected, wind turbines are amazingly efficient in a larger sense – they generate power from a natural, eco-friendly renewable resource, without the hidden social or environmental penalties that we incur with the use of fossil fuels – theres no need to mine for fuel or to transport it – there are no global warming pollutants created, and no need to store, process, or to dispose of toxic wastes.At the small side of the scale, turbines can be as tiny as 5 feet in diameter and are capable of only a few hundred watts. On the high end of the spectrum, turbines can be as huge as three hundred feet in diameter and are capable of generating two to five megawatts of power.Similar to photovoltaic solar power generation, there might be rebates available for construction, and excess energy can be sold back to the power company.Wind velocity is impacted by topography and increases with height above the ground, so wind turbines are generally installed on top of large towers. In a typical application, the wind turbine sits on top of a tall tower and generates low voltage DC which is used to charge a battery store – this stored potential energy is ultimately utilized by routing it through an inverter that changes the low voltage direct current power into utility voltage alternating current electricity that can be used in household applications. By concentrating a lot of turbines into wind farms a substantial amount of electricity can be stored and utilized, perhaps for a whole city or town.Because the wind doesnt blow all of the time in many areas, wind turbines are used as adjuncts in hybrid configurations with many different technologies like photovoltaic panels, and diesel generators to provide a consistent source of electricity.Dissimilar to fossil-fuel stations, wind turbines are clean and green – they dont create the carbon dioxide emissions that are causing greenhouse gases or the SO2 emissions that cause acid rain. Todays turbines are divided into 2 categories, namely horizontal turbines and vertica turbines. Todays horizontal axis wind turbines are actually far better at capturing the wind than vertical axis turbines given the same amount of swept area (which is the diameter of the circle traced by the outside tip of the rotor blades).

Home Solar Panels- The Advantages and Disadvantages

These days, lots of people are turning their way on using solar panels. It is truly gaining more and more popularity due to its durability, efficiency, and friendliness for the environment. On the other hand, right before you use home solar panels, it would be a good idea for you to consider its pros and cons first.


Unlike the fossil fuels, solar energy could never run out. It only means that the energy which is generated by the sun could never be exhausted and will always give unlimited solar energy or dispersion. It is considered to be the biggest advantage of solar energy. Thus, if you install this type of system into your house, you could ensure yourself that you will have enough electricity right at your dispersal.

If you also install solar panels, you could have the best economic option right after the initial cost for the set-up. Practically, there is no need for you to pay more. The solar energy is free and could also free you from monthly electric bills too.


Since the home solar cell panels need the sun to shine brightly on them, when you are on a place which has less sunlight, this could be a difficult thing. It specially happens in the northern hemisphere wherein certain places do not actually see sunlight for about 6 months at stretch. Similar problem has been faced by people throughout monsoons.

Another disadvantage is that, the charge for initial installation of the home solar panel systems is high. It is a large drawback of the solar panel systems installed at homes. With such, lots of people choose to stay away from this system due to its affordability issues.

Knowing the pros and cons of home solar panels could help one out in deciding whether they have to take home solar panels or not.

Solar Power– A Must for Homes

‘Going green’ is the trend these days since the world is facing a lot of environmental problems specifically global warming. Electricity comes from fossil fuels which are being burned. The emissions contribute a lot to global warming and one way to address this issue is by using solar power for homes. Even the federal and state governments are now encouraging many homeowners to utilize solar power by offering grants and loans. Solar power is a must for homes and it is not just for the rich people.

Are you familiar with DIY solar power kits? The DIY kits are widely available in online stores and perhaps in local stores. All you need to do is shop around and find a suitable system that can work for your home.

Why is the solar power system a must for homes?

As mentioned earlier, the government is also supporting green energy through grants and loans. Aside from that, there are also incentives. For instance, if you spend around $20,000 on system installation, the state government will give you a 30% credit. This means that your next tax bill will decrease by 30% of $20,000 which is $6,000. The credit can also be extended to the following year as long as the amount is covered fully.

Once you install the system, it requires minimum maintenance. Make sure that you also clean and clear it properly. You can consult a professional who knows a great deal about solar power systems and have yours checked annually. Most homeowners do little work on their systems and this is a great advantage.

Sunlight is available for all and since fossil fuels are depleting, it is an excellent option. If you install a system for your home, you will simply need to invest once and after that, you can now benefit as long as the system is working properly. Your electricity bills will surely be reduced and so you will have smaller bills every month. You can use the solar power system for your outdoor lights, garden lights and features, and even for indoor use as long as the inverter is big enough.

Solar panels are one of the most popular solar power systems used today. If blackouts are quite common in your area, it would really help a lot if you install solar power. That way, even if other homes don’t have electricity, your home can still have electricity. Solar panels are reliable as well as the other systems available today. Most manufacturers also provide warranty and so you can expect the solar panels to be durable. You won’t hear any noise since the panels are working quietly while producing the needed energy.

Electrocution cases are rare since the photovoltaic cells have low amperage and are very safe. Power is produced without emissions or fuel combustions.

Most of all, with solar power systems, you can help in saving the environment. You can help in decreasing pollution and the degradation of the environment. The power systems can last for decades with proper maintenance and care. If you’re interested to go green, don’t hesitate to install a solar power system for your home. This is the best time to make a choice – a choice that can have a significant impact to the world. After installation of the system, you can now enjoy a continuous supply of green electricity.