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Why You Should Go Solar

Answer this. Do you own a refrigerator, air conditioner, hair dryer, or cell phone charger? Now think, what do all of these items have in common? Each one of these appliances uses electricity. With the list of things run by electricity climbing higher and higher, electric bills can be immensely expensive. If you use a lot of electrical appliances and your electrical bill is becoming a crippling sight, you may want to look into alternative options for electrical energy in Rocklin, CA. The most popular form of alternative energy currently is solar energy.
Benefits of Solar Energy

• Currently, society is extremely dependent upon fossil fuels. The unfortunate truth is that fossil fuels are not good for the environment and are becoming extremely expensive due to increasingly limited resources. Solar energy is completely clean, renewable, and has no effect on the environment. It is also much less expensive because the source of energy is unlimited.
• As an extension to the last point, the U.S. obtains most of its fuel sources from foreign countries. If more people switch to solar power, America’s dependence upon foreign energy will rapidly drop. This decrease in dependence will be beneficial for the economy and national security.

• Energy usage peaks during different times of day and, more broadly, different times of year. Typically, people use the most energy in the daytime and during the summer. Solar panels help keep up with energy peaks. This is possible because the two most popular peak times occur during sunny periods of time and solar panels get their energy straight from the sun.

• Solar panels can be installed anywhere as long as it is directly exposed to the sun for several hours each day. Installation is also very simple and costs less because it doesn’t involve any complex equipment.

• Adjusting the size of solar panels is extremely easy. If you are in need of more energy generation, all you need to do is add another panel or two.

• The government is providing incentives and subsidies that make solar power more accessible. People who use solar power actually have the option to sell their excess power from their solar panels back to power companies. Government subsidies and loans also help to make the cost of solar equipment and installation much cheaper.

• If you live in a remote area or have a cabin somewhere, solar energy would be a wonderful option. Oftentimes it is nearly impossible to get an efficient electricity system to those kinds of areas. With solar panels, though, you don’t have to worry about that. Solar panels get their energy directly from the sun, so location isn’t a factor.

• Getting your energy from solar panels will help you save a lot of money. The initial cost of installation sometimes makes buyers nervous, but the energy savings in the future make it completely worth it. Solar energy is absolutely free and cannot be restricted by the government.

• It doesn’t cost you extra money to run or maintain solar energy systems. Their generation capacity is simply dependent upon the amount of sunlight available. The only thing you need to do is occasionally clean the dust and dirt off of the panels with a little bit of water.

• Owning solar panels will increase the value of your home if you ever plan on selling. Solar panels equate to lower energy costs, which is extremely attractive to home buyers. Your home will sell more quickly for more money.


How To Explain Wind Energy For Kids To Kids

If you are at all environmentally minded or into renewable energy resources then you want to pass on that tradition along to your children. But, how you explain the way wind energy works to your kids?

It is really not all that complicated and that is really the beauty of wind energy in the first place. The way to do it is to keep it simple and not try to get into many the more complicated aspects of wind energy, like aerodynamics and the grid tie-in system with the utility that many people take advantage of in order to save money and send power back to the utility for resale to other people.

There are several steps that you can explain when you want to illuminate wind energy for kids that you know…

The first thing to point out is that the wind changes everywhere you go. Even if you think the wind is consistent from place to place you will soon find out by taking a little data that changes all during the day and from week to week. As a matter fact, one area on your property around your house will be very different than another area. One might be excellent for installing wind turbines in the next might be terrible. Explain to your children that you need to take some data with an anemometer. An anemometer is just a little device that will allow you to simulate the way of wind turbine would work on your property. You can put up to various places and collect data over span of a few months and then analyze what you learned and compare locations that way.

The second thing of course is to make sure they understand that there is a permitting process involved. That means that you have to check out with your local government whether or not it is okay to put a wind turbine up where you live. The ultimate authority in this situation is the permitting authority and you can’t just put a home wind turbine devise where you feel like it. There a lot of people that do not like the look of home wind turbines and therefore you must comply with the feelings of the local community.

The last thing of course you must also do is make sure you’re buying a home wind turbine that you can afford. You can find these devices the cost anywhere from $500 although after $40,000 or $50,000. And they all seem to do approximately the same thing. So, you have to explain to your kids that they need to be careful with their buying habits then work with you to understand how to differentiate between a wind turbine is too expensive and one that will do the job for less money.

Explaining about wind energy for kids is more about having them understand the business side of this equation than anything else.