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All About Solar Panels

Solar panels are now widely available all over the globe. You will find several homes, commercial buildings and vehicles relying mainly on solar panels to generate the electricity they need. Solar panels can also be made independently by the user. You can save more in costs by building your own system. You can also invest in a ready-made design for added ease and convenience. Here are some more tips and tricks on how to begin.

The Benefits

If you choose to use solar panels, you can produce electricity that can power various applications. Off-grid living means residing in a location where the main electric utility grid does not service your home or office. There are remote cabins and homes that can benefit from solar power systems. It is no longer needed to pay huge bills to install electric utility posts and cabling from the nearest grid access main point. A solar electric system is less expensive and can give you power for up to 30 years if you maintain it well.

Solar power is also a renewable source of energy, which means that it is very clean. Today, it is more important to invest in devices that do not damage the environment and atmosphere. Solar panels do not have any moving parts and will need only minimal maintenance. As soon as the system has paid for its initial installation costs, you can get the benefits for several decades more for free.

Buying Solar Panels

There are plenty of places where you can buy the best solar panel models. You can choose between brands such as Sharp, BP Solar and General Electric. You should visit some of the manufacturer web sites to determine the process and the ways how their solar panels are built. You should also read about the background of the company and what their objectives are in making these pieces. You should read more about installation to check if you want to install or build the panels yourself or hire a professional.

There are several web sites, online forums and internet stores where you can learn more about the available models and how these can best suit your location. Some panels are intended for individuals living in places that has minimal sun, while other designs are specifically made to gather the most sun over the shortest span of time.

About Price

Learn how to compare between types to know how much you need to pay for. The prices of the solar panels will vary depending on the brand and the size. There are also other factors to consider such as maintenance and if the package includes free installation. Some companies will ask for fees to install the panels, while other buyers may opt to install these themselves to save more. Talk to other people who have already tried certain makes and brands and let them give you the pros and cons of each. Ask for referrals and recommendations to ensure that you are only investing in the best places.

When Wind Turbines and Wildlife Collide – A Look Into Wind Energy Farms and Their Effect on Bats

With government and environmental groups pushing the “green” agenda, more and more alternative energy sources are being implemented throughout the world. Three widely used alternative energy methods are solar panels, wave energy and wind turbines. However, there are ongoing research studies and field trials trying to find the next great energy source to power our civilization.

Wind power has proven to be incredibly popular, but as of late, it has come under scrutiny. Although wind turbines are great renewable energy producers, they are having a negative environmental impact. Many dead bats have been found in and around wind farms. Their alarming discovery has sparked new studies by veterinarians, wildlife and ecology specialists, and energy companies aimed at determining cause of death and the possibility of further harm caused by wind turbines.

Wind turbines across the nation are closed down from time to time when they endanger the lives of bats. One such closure recently happened when the US Fish and Wildlife Service found a dead bat underneath a turbine. The Indiana Bat is a nearly extinct species and when they are found dead due to non-natural causes, the federal commission gets involved and puts an end to the problem.

Bats are nocturnal creatures, coming out at night to feed. They fly and hunt by echo-location, which has a range of around sixty feet. When they encounter the fast moving blades of a wind turbine, they are unable to safely maneuver and are often times hit and killed.

Even when bats aren’t directly hit by wind turbine blades, they can still be killed. As wind turbine blades spin, they create a pressure differential. Bats are not able to survive this rapid pressure change, and if they fly through this, it causes their internal organs to explode. This phenomenon is known as Barotrauma and it has been a proven cause of death through autopsies of bats found near wind turbines.

Although bat deaths have raised concerns over the safety of wind energy farms, there may be a way to prevent such occurrences. There are studies being conducted to determine if noise can be used to deter bats from entering wind farms. Thus far, most studies have shown that acoustic sounds can reduce bat fatalities by upwards of 70%. Hopefully wind farms will take action to prevent harm to wildlife that share the skies. If the general public is to get behind the alternative energy sources that are being investigated, there needs to be proof that the benefits outweigh any costs. If this is the case, bat deaths and any other ill effects to wildlife, must be stopped.

As with any new development, alternative energy production is under public scrutiny. It is unfortunate that wind energy has had ill affects on wildlife. On the other hand, traditional energy sources have time and again proven to be far more harmful. Most recently a big oil spill in the Gulf Coast of the United States & Mexico caused much alarm as gallons of crude oil was spilled into the ocean. Despite this catastrophe, millions of people still rely heavily on oil to power daily lives, commutes, and more. It’s interesting to see stoppages of this type when it comes to alternative energies, but not the same reaction when oil spills threaten larger areas.

Bat deaths are continually looked at in regards to investigating energy that is being harnessed by wind turbines across the world. If the deaths can be ceased, look for wind to be the biggest alternative energy in years.

Saving Energy – Solutions Now.

11 great reasons to go Solar right now!

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Why go Solar?

  1. Electricity prices rise over time.
    Paying the utility company is never a pleasant experience, especially when the expense only grows over time. So why wait, and waste even more money on electricity costs when you can cut that expense now?
  2. Solar power is more affordable than ever.
    The option to go solar is now available to everyone. Many financing options are available, whether you choose to purchase or lease your solar panels, and various tax incentives and grants can help cut the cost as well.
  3. Solar panels won’t go out of style.
    It is always a little disappointing when your new gadget is suddenly “last year’s model”. Luckily, with solar power, your system will still be “in style” for the next twenty years, or more!
  4. Solar power saves money.
    It’s true! Solar energy is free, and a solar power system that uses it to power your home can cut your electricity costs from 50% to 100%.
  5. Solar panels come in several different options.
    Our team of professionals will design a system that best suits your needs. We factor in your budget, requirements, and any other concerns that you may have.
  6. Your home solar system can earn money.
    Saving money is great, but earning it is even better. Depending on current rules and regulations in your area, you may be able to sell excess energy produced by your solar power system back to the utility company.
  7. Solar power is clean energy.
    We all know that fossil fuels produce pollution. Solar power is clean, non-polluting, and environmentally friendly.
  8. Solar power keeps your energy cost under control.
    While your electric bill may be a surprise every month, making the switch to solar can alleviate the suspense. If you finance your system, you will know exactly what you will pay every month.
  9. Going solar is simple.
    We will handle the installation and paperwork.
  10. The initial solar analysis is free!
    What do you have to lose? Our no-obligation solar analysis is completely free of charge.
  11. Solar water heating 
    With the use of solar water heating systems energy savings of 70%-100% are achieved. Water heating costs account for 35%- 50% of an average household’s electricity bill.