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Sono Motors unveils its solar and battery-powered electric car

“The Sion is equipped with 330 integrated solar cells, which recharge the battery through the power of the sun. To protect them from harmful environmental influences we covered the solar cells with polycarbonate. It is shatterproof, light and … #solarpower


How Solar Windows Could Put Transparent Panels Everywhere

As we move away from fossil fuels like coal and gas as sources of energy, one of the better ways to produce power is by harvesting light from the sun. Solar panels are rapidly becoming cheaper and more efficient, and new solar farms are being built all …and more » #solarpower #solar #power #energy

solarpower solar power energy

La Caisse acquires 17.3% stake in Boralex

Boralex has developed over 1.1GW of wind capacity across Canada, the US and France. As part of the acquisition, Boralex and La Caisse “have agreed to explore partnership opportunities with respect to investing in future projects”. “To have la Caisse … #windpower


Demand For Wind Energy Workers Remains Bright

Saldivar says once workers have a few years doing that, the wind farm companies take over training for those operations and maintenance jobs. The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment of wind turbine service technicians is projected to … #windenergy