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Australia Produces Enough Renewable Energy to Power 70% of Homes

According to a new report, Australia’s renewable energy sector produced enough power to supply electricity to 70 percent of the country’s homes last year. Once the 46 large-scale projects in the works are completed, that number should increase to 90 … #greenenergy #solarpower #energy #power

greenenergy solarpower energy power

St. Lucia shows leadership for a renewable future

At the same time, the island boasts strong renewable resource potential, including solar, wind and geothermal. Developing these resources in a manner that preserves the natural environment, supports local employment and ensures a reliable and … #renewableresources #zerowaste #recycling #sustainability #climatechange

renewableresources zerowaste recycling sustainability climatechange

World’s Biggest Wind Turbine Maker Waves Goodbye to Oil Industry

And it’s those very explorations, in often hazardous conditions, that have helped Denmark develop its thriving offshore wind energy business in the first place. As Benny Engelbrecht, finance spokesman with the Social Democrats, points out, “Denmark’s …and more » #windenergy #windpower #renewableenergy #energy #power

windenergy windpower renewableenergy energy power

Save Money Through Energy Efficiency

However, smart light bulbs let you adjust your home’s ambiance (and energy usage) with just a couple of quick taps. Paired with motion sensors that detect movement (or a lack thereof) and adjust lighting accordingly, smart bulbs can help reduce the …and more » #saveenergy #energyefficient #sustainability #green #climatechange

saveenergy energyefficient sustainability green climatechange

Seeking Sustainable Solar Power for Urban Thailand 4.0

An electric tuk tuk seen here last month during the annual Techsauce Summit in Bangkok.

As I continue my look at different aspects of Thailand 4.0 and some of the challenges ahead for this initiative to become a reality, I want take a look at energy.