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Renewable energy sets new record by producing nearly a third of UK electricity

Nearly a third of all UK electricity came from renewable sources in the second three months of this year, setting a new record for clean energy generation, the Government has revealed. Wind, solar and other forms of low-carbon power were responsible … #windpower


Sub-Saharan Africa is still in the dark but North Africa will soon be selling power to Europe

Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco have invested tens of billions of dollars in renewable energy projects—particularly solar power—as a springboard to drive their energy ambitions. By harnessing the power of the Saharan sun, these countries hope to …and more » #solarenergy #power #energy #solarpower

solarenergy power energy solarpower

The Military Could Be About to Make Solar Power Way Better

… military is looking to increase its use of solar panels. The Department of Energy recently released a comprehensive look at the U.S. energy grid and concluded that the military needs to rely more on solar power in order to eliminate weaknesses in … #solarenergy #power #energy #solarpower

solarenergy power energy solarpower

Tips for building a green home

If you want to reduce the impact of your home construction on the environment, use eco-friendly products such as reclaimed lumber, recycled plastic, recycled glass or natural products like bamboo and cork. 5. Install water conserving fixtures. If you …and more » #zerowaste #greenhome #gogreen #sustainability #green

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Europe Could Attract $417 Billion With Higher Wind-Power Target

Europe’s wind power industry may attract 351 billion euros ($417 billion) of investment by 2030 if countries adopt reforms and targets for their energy systems in the next year… #windpower #windenergy #power #energy

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