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Wind energy a key to Canada’s energy transition

Increased use of Canada’s massive untapped reserves of low-cost wind energy will be critical if this country is to remain competitive in the global shift to a low-carbon economy, industry leaders agreed as the Canadian Wind Energy Association’s (CanWEA … #windpowercanada


Renewable energy is creating US jobs twice as fast as any other …

Even as some people would like to see a rebirth of the coal industry in the US, it’s renewable energy that keeps generating good news. Over the next decade, …and more » #renewableenergy #renewables #climatechange

renewableenergy renewables climatechange

Germany set to pay customers for electricity usage as renewable energy generation creates huge power surplus

Germany’s grid operators can struggle to keep the balance between how much energy people are using and how much is being produced when there are high amounts of wind generation. Negative prices mean that producers must either shut down power … #renewableenergy #energy #power #renewables

renewableenergy energy power renewables

5 Signs that Solar Energy is Changing Society’s Consumption Behavior

If you travel to the country of Belize, you will not see power lines. Belize never built such infrastructure, and sources of traditional electricity are rare and prohibitively priced. And so, when Belize began to develop its infrastructure, solar power … #solarenergy #power #energy #solarpower

solarenergy power energy solarpower