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Solar + Batteries: Is renewable home backup power finally here?

For years, solar customers have waited for a reliable and affordable way to access their solar power in case the grid were to go down and truly be energy independent of power outages. But for years batteries have been too expensive, too custom-built …and more » #renewablehomeenergy #renewable #energy

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Take a tour of Israel’s huge new solar-energy valley in the desert

Four Eiffel Towers could be built with the 28,000 tons of steel being used by Negev Energy to construct the Ashalim Thermo-Solar Power Station in Israel’s Negev Desert. Spread flat over 988 acres of sand, the array is nevertheless an impressive sight … #solarenergy #solar #solarpower #solarpanels

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10 Facts About Solar Energy That Might Surprise You

After decades of development and political debate about solar energy, the industry is finally ready to stand on its own. Solar power projects around the world are beating fossil fuels on price without subsidies, and each time they do, the future looks … #solarenergy #solar #solarpanels #solarpower

solarenergy solar solarpanels solarpower

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis on the 7 energy myths that could be costing you hundreds

Using a timer is best, because your thermostat is designed to turn your heating on and off to keep your home at the temperature you set it. This is the view of both the Energy Saving Trust and British Gas, so in general I’d stick with that. Yet some …and more » #savingenergyathome


India Prepares For Its Largest-Ever Wind Energy Tender

India’s Ministry of New & Renewable Energy has shared details of the largest wind energy tender ever in the country. The Ministry, through Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI), is likely to launch the tender for 2000 megawatts of wind energy … #windpower #windenergy #renewableenergy

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