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Berkeley homeless camps take 21st century approach with solar power

Next, Clune hooked up solar panels at two other camps newly established by erstwhile HERE/THERE residents in the aftermath of the Nov. 4 eviction: the “First They Came For The Homeless” camp in front of Old City Hall; and the relocated, smaller HERE …and more » #solarpower #solarenergy #solar #solarpanels

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China Opens 1-Kilometer Long Solar Road

China has opened a 1-kilometer long solar road in Jinan, the capitol of Shandong province south of Beijing. The two-lane road covers 5,875 square meters and can generate up to 1 million kilowatt-hours of power annually — enough to power 800 Chinese … #solarpower #energy #solar #panels

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Cattle and wind energy combine at Cheyenne ranch

“Cows and turbines – they’re really compatible,” he said. The Eisele-Roberts family raises red and black Angus cattle. They added wind turbines in 2007 through a partnership with Duke Energy. The partnership and diversification of the King Ranch land … #windpower #energy #windturbine #electricity

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Review of 2017 – part two

German manufacturer Enercon is set to refurbish up to 1,200 turbines in India, following the conclusion of a decade-long legal dispute with former joint venture Wind World India. The firm says some 860MW of its turbines could be re-activated and … #windpower #windenergy #energy #power

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Top tips for saving money by using less energy in the kitchen

Saving energy and saving money go hand in hand. By becoming more energy efficient you can not only save money but can also do your bit for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. These handy tips can help you to cut the energy you use in the kitchen.

· Fridges and freezers as well as other domestic appliances such as washing machines all have an energy efficiency rating. The higher the rating the less energy is used to produce the desired result, for example a load of washing. When choosing a new appliance look for goods that have a rating of A, A+ or A++.

· Make sure your fridge or freezer is set at the right temperature which should be between 0 and 5 degrees for optimum performance and don’t under or over fill them. Making an appliance work harder than it needs to will increase the energy it needs to use.

· By reducing the temperature that you wash your clothes at by just ten degrees you can make substantial savings on your energy usage. If you have a small load to wash consider a half load option when setting off your machine. As the majority of the energy used when running a washing machine comes from heating the water it stands to reason that the less there is to wash then the less energy will be being used.

· If you absolutely must have a tumble drier, bearing in mind that this is an appliance that uses a lot of energy compared to other kitchen equipment, then make sure that you only dry for as long as you need to. Wring clothing out or give it an extra spin before putting it in the tumble drier and set the timer according to need.

· Microwaves and steamers use far less energy than an oven or cooker top and can produce healthier results. Food that is steamed rather than boiled tends to retain more of their nutrients. Using a microwave is also a lot faster, more convenient and is easier to clean. It could be time to rethink how you use the appliances in your kitchen.

· The kitchen is usually a place that gets a lot of traffic through it. This is no excuse for not turning off lights when you leave, closing doors to keep heat inArticle Search, switching off the radio and unplugging any appliances that are sitting ready to be used. The coffee machine is a great example of an appliance that is often plugged in and left on standby.

· A simple but effective way to save money in the kitchen is to only fill the kettle with as much water as you need to make your hot drink. There is no need to boil a kettle-full when most of it will go unused.

A few simple changes around your kitchen alone will cut the energy you use and in the long term this will result in lower energy bills.