7 Reasons to Switch To Renewable Energy Sources

With many people now considering the switch to green energy sources, the question becomes is there an advantage in choosing renewable energy over traditional energy sources? Renewable energy does have its advantages, and the following reasons to use this type of energy should be considered by everyone.

1. Renewable energy sources are totally non-pollutant- Since renewable energy sources are natural, being derived from the sun, the wind, and water, there is no worry of any negative effects from pollution

.2. They are also non-depleting – Since there is always going to be sun, rain, and winds, energy derived from theses sources will not deplete

.3. Renewable energy decreases greenhouse gases in the air by releasing less carbon emissions – Traditional energy sources such as oil, natural gas, and coal, emit harmful hydrocarbons into the air when burned. Using renewable energy sources will decrease the carbon footprint left behind by traditional energy sources.

4. The use of renewable energy cuts energy costs – Alternative energy sources can help save money on electricity. It can also save on the expense of oil or gas heat. Since the energy does not have to come from a company that is supplying the energy from their sources, as the energy will be supplied by natural sources, the savings will be passed on to the consumer.

5. Renewable energy can be supplied locally, rather than imported from other countries- Instead of having to import things such as oil from countries that have an abundant supply, alternative energy can be supplied locally by the use of natural energy sources.

6. Income related benefits – The UK government has provided a number of income related benefits to households who decide to switch their homes over to renewable energy sources.

7. Freedom of choice – Instead of being forced to use the energy company that is provided for a specific area, switching to renewable energy allows people to choose from a number of suppliers.Alternative energy sources are the wave of the future, and besides being better for the environment, they can save you money on your energy bills as well. Renewable energy sources will not run out, and are something that every household should consider using in the future.

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