A beneficial initiative of solar system installation for assured electric supply by Mark Griffin

Solar panel installation at one’s household was not accepted quite naturally in its beginning. But recently, it has gained benefits like local and federal tax credits to decrease the initial cost level of residents. I was first very hesitant about solar system installation in my house. But after I found out personally on its capability to lower down electricity bill up to $84, I tried all other sources to understand its importance and usefulness. But before installing it, I made thorough research on this matter.

Useful information that I learned:
I have been a resident of Sunshine Coast, Australia from the year of 2010. I have heard about federal and local tax benefits provided to solar panel installation and continuous fall in the expenses involved with it from 2011. That is when I wanted to install it in my house and started doing research over it. The first thing that I learned about solar panel that it successfully drops carbon footprint of any residence by approximately 35,180 pounds of carbon dioxide every year. Now, you will be surprised to know that almost 80-88 trees have to be planted to dissolve that amount.

This was my motivation to begin this plan to realize itself. But seriously speaking it was not easy to pick one from many solar panel installers. I learned that before installing it I need to consider:

How much sunlight do I have? What is the system size for my house?
Where it should be installed? How much space does it require? Should it be connected with the grid? What are the safety procedures?
The next issue was to hire a proper solar system installation professional for my house. Here are things I sorted out before contacting pro solar panel installers:

The pro for installing solar panel must offer an acceptable and strong warranty. In this case, the converter must have at least 10 years and panels must have 20 years of warranty. Panels must be manufactured from the companies of your country so that warranty works well. They install by themselves and not by outsourcing. Must have license and bonds. There should be no complaints against this company. Must be able to provide customer reviews.

Benefits gained from solar system installation:

I have installed my solar system for few months now. I found these benefits very useful for not only in my case but in general:

· Financial benefits:
The Australian Solar Credits Rebate has announced for residents of Australia that there will be sale discount for buying solar panels and above all, the more panels the more incentives! That made my initial expenses quite low. I have less electricity bills and I also receive money from my electricity supplier for unused electricity.

· My house is eco-friendly:
After solar panel installers installed this system at my house, it definitely became eco-friendly. Not only that, my house has 6% increase of its value.

· Permanent solution of fuel price rising:
You can see how quickly fuel price is increasing. In this way, I can have large electricity supply without worrying about its cost.

In the end, I can say that solar system installation is useful for any household and have many benefits.

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