Are You Saving All The Energy You Possibly Can

There is something referred to as an energy audit which is starting to appear in a lot of places. Not every town or city provides this service of an energy audit, but there is a strong possibility that it is offered in your area. Essentially an energy auditor will visit your home to check to see if it is set up to save energy and discusses the results with you. The auditor will look at areas of the home that require improvement and provide tips on how to reduce costs on energy.

Recycling could actually help you save cash, and by being set up the right way, it can make a big impact in your home. An excellent first step is having the recycling bins set up so it is easy to sort what you are recycling. Doing this alone will help you get the items to where they must be recycled rather than in the landfills. Additionally you can conserve by utilizing a surge protector or power strip for your electronic products. Plug your desktops, stereos, DVDs, and television sets into the surge protector rather than the wall plug, and then by flipping all of them off with the switch on the surge protector will stop power leaks, which cost you money. Saving energy and money will happen with the power strip, especially when you are going to always power it down.

Lots of folks leave lights on throughout the home. Although there may be no one in the room or sunshine is coming in, people nevertheless leave the light on. If you switch off the lights when you are done and change to energy-saving lights, you could save a lot of money. You can save a tremendous amount of money by replacing your incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lights. These light bulbs last up to 10 years and use around 75% less energy. It’s also possible to save on power by not running your dishwasher or washing machine if they aren’t full. If you use them when it’s just half full, both machines will still use a full amount of water and electricity to get them clean.

An easy way to conserve is to clean without having to use any paper towels. Thoroughly clean your surfaces, such as counters, sinks and furniture with cloth rags which can be laundered and reused. Because you are using the same rags again and again, you’ll never have to use paper towels so you can save a lot from having to pay for paper towels. Not just that, if enough people did it, think about the number of trees that wouldn’t be cut down.

You may enjoy just standing in the shower for a long time but you are going to be wasting money and energy. If you use a water-conserving shower head, you could save money without you knowing it. Getting an energy audit is a wonderful way to know what needs to be improved in the home and it will help you cut costs.

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