How Renewable Energy Helps Rural Communities

Renewable energy impacts extend beyond reducing the global carbon footprint. The manufacturing, construction and operation of renewable energy components and facilities can improve the local economy in rural areas with otherwise limited opportunities. #renewableenergy


Oceans May Host Next Wave Of Renewable Energy : NPR

Think “renewable energy” and the wind and sun come to mind, but someday it may be possible to add ocean energy to that list. The fledgling wave energy …and more » #renewables #cleanenergy #greenenergy #alternativeenergy #ecology

renewables cleanenergy greenenergy alternativeenergy ecology

Taiwan’s shift to renewable energy

Taiwan depends heavily on fossil fuels to meet its energy needs. But as an island nation, the country is itself highly vulnerable to climate change. The government wants to address both issues by investing heavily in renewable energy. But will it be … #renewableenergy


Solar powered offgrid greenhouse grows food faster using less water

A pilot structure built in California has shown that ‘wavelength selective’ greenhouses can be designed with solar panels that feed crops enough sunlight, while also powering the structure. In the greenhouse, 20% of crops actually grew better – while …and more » #solarpower #solarenergy #power #energy

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