The ‘big push’ transforming the world’s energy systems

As I’m sure you have noticed, renewable energy is taking the world by storm, driven by rapidly falling prices. Ever wonder how that happened? In 2009, I authored a concept paper for the United Nations Secretariat, for circulation at the Copenhagen … #renewableenergy #solar #energy #cleanenergy

renewableenergy solar energy cleanenergy

We’re doing a great job of creating renewable energy—but we don’t have the infrastructure to actually use it

Last week, some rare positive environmental news reached the public eye: Nearly half of all the new, large-scale electric power generation installed last year use renewable energy sources, according to the Energy Information Administration. The … #renewableenergy #renewables #solar #energy

renewableenergy renewables solar energy

IEA Highlights Chile’s Potential As Renewable Energy Behemoth

The International Energy Agency has this week published a new report highlighting the emergence of Chile as one of the world’s growing renewable energy destinations, thanks to second-to-none resources and increasingly forward-looking policies. Solar in … #renewableenergy #cleanenergy #energy #climatechange

renewableenergy cleanenergy energy climatechange

Here are six of China’s ambitious, mind-boggling, renewable energy projects

Rich in history and culture and with a powerful economy and military, China is seen by many as the emerging global superpower. When it comes to renewable energy, China is, in many ways, striking out on its own. According to the International Energy … #renewableenergy #renewables #windpower #solarpower

renewableenergy renewables windpower solarpower

South Sudan’s Renewable Energy Potential: A Building Block for Peace

The world’s newest country, South Sudan, is also the least electrified. A period of growth that began after a 2005 peace deal and continued after independence in 2011, saw billions of dollars in oil revenue and strong international support. This period …and more » #renewableenergy #energy #cleanenergy

renewableenergy energy cleanenergy