8 easy ways to save money on your energy bill

Your parents always told you money doesn’t grow on trees. What they didn’t say is that it can grow inside your home — on your windows, your light bulbs and your major appliances. Did you just go look? It’s fine if you did. It’s just that we’re …and more » #savingenergy #lights

savingenergy lights

With the Growth of Energy Saving Appliances, Why Aren’t Electric Bills Lower?

For American homeowners, utility bills seem like an inversion of the line from Dazed and Confused: the houses keep getting newer, but the bills stay the same. In 2016, according to government statistics, the average household paid $112 each month for … #savingenergy


New Textile is Both Warming and Cooling, Saving Energy Costs

A new textile made from a reversible fabric could warm or cool wearers and keep them comfortable. Two layers of material with different abilities to release heat energy are stacked together and sandwiched between layers of polyethylene. (Image credit …and more » #savingenergy


Home winterization tips to save energy

(KMVT/KSVT) – With colder temperatures on the way, it’s about that time to winterize your home if you haven’t done so already. “In the winter, your heating system uses most of your energy so that’s the thing you want to pay attention to, at least right … #savingenergyATHOME


Save money on energy bills by keeping your home at THIS ideal temperature

Turning the thermostat down by just one degree will save homeowners a fortune. Npower said: “Reduce the temperature in your home by just 1ºC and you could reduce your heating bill by up to £85 each year. “So if you’ve got yours higher than 21ºC turn … #savingenergy #lights

savingenergy lights