China breaking all solar power records, aiming for 50GW in 2017

China is leading the world in solar power installations by a long run. ASECEA is predicting that 50GW of solar power is well within reach of being installed this year. In June and July of 2017, China installed 25GW of solar power – and they’ll push the …and more » #solarpower #power #solarenergy #energy

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Scientists Have Created a Concrete Roof That Generates Solar Power

Researchers in Switzerland have developed a new form of molded roofing capable of harvesting solar power. The design is expected to help a residential building produce more energy than it uses up. #solarpower #solarenergy #panels #power

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Tesla’s Powerpacks Will Help Power the World’s First Solar and Wind Energy Storage Project

Tesla has a new contract to provide Powerpacks to a renewable energy farm in Australia planning to combine solar and wind. The Kennedy Energy Park, could generate enough electricity to power 35,000 average Australian homes. #power #energy #windpower #windenergy #windfarm

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Solar Wants to Help Fix a Power-Grid Problem It Helped Create

Solar panels have proliferated in the Golden State, flooding the grid with power supplies in the middle of the day when the sun’s out — and then quickly vanishing after sunset. This has created a sharp curve in California’s net-power demand that’s …and more » #solarpower