The World’s First Floating Wind Farm Is Now Producing Energy

Over 15 miles from the coast of Scotland, a wind power project could foreshadow a major part of our clean-energy future. Hywind Scotland, situated in Buchan Deep, is the world’s first floating wind farm, with its five six-megawatt turbines now … #windpower #windenergy #power #energy

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Amazon’s largest wind farm yet is up and running in Texas

Greenpeace slammed Amazon earlier this week for its environmental practices — namely, the fact that it doesn’t disclose much about its energy use or materials. But today, the company announced that its largest wind farm yet is up and running. The … #windpower #energy #power #windenergy

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New wind turbine efficiency so great utilities ‘repowering’ farms early

Warren Buffett owned MidAmerican Energy is upgrading wind turbines in Iowa early in their lifetimes in order to take advantage of the newest innovations in gear boxes and blades. Since only small parts of the already developed wind farms need be … #windpower #windenergy #cleanenergy #climatechange

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Mongolia doubles capacity completing second site

At present, Mongolia has a power-supply capacity of 1,130MW, consisting of 88% coal and just 8% renewable energy, including hydropower sources, according to a 2015 report from the Department of Energy. It also helps bring closer the dream of SoftBank … #windpower