GE Signs Wind Deal With Ukraine IPP

Ukraine-based DTEK has signed a deal with GE Renewable Energy for the procurement, installation and maintenance of 26 wind turbines. The turbines will be installed for stage one of the 200 MW Primorskaya wind plant, located in the Zaporizhia region of … #windpower #energy #windenergy

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UK sets new national record for wind power production | The …

Output from UK wind farms has topped 10 gigawatts for the first time, setting a new national record. The news was welcomed by experts, who say it is evidence the UK is “poised to lead its peers in wind generation”. The record comes shortly after 2017 …and more » #windpower #windenergy #renewableenergy #offshorewind

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Nike signs wind power deal with Avangrid Renewables

The American sportswear manufacturer, Nike, has signed its secong major wind power deal with Avangrid Renewables. The agreement will see Avangrid Renewales, a subsidiary of energy and utility firm Avangird, supplying Nike with 86MW of wind power. The … #windpower #windenergy #energy

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GE marks offshore milestone with turbines installed in Europe, Asia & the Americas

This is a milestone for GE, which has become the only offshore wind supplier to have wind turbines in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. In March 2017, GE Renewable Energy was selected by Chinese Fuqing Haixia Electricity Generation Company (a joint …and more » #windpower #windenergy #windfarm

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Weatherwatch: extending life of turbine blades is next challenge for wind power

Onshore wind turbines have become the cheapest form of generating electricity in the UK – and many other windy parts of the world. This is partly because the design of blades to make maximum use of available wind has improved along with the height and … #windenergy #energy #renewableenergy

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