Wind power to overtake coal power in Texas

Wind energy is expected to overtake coal in Texas after Friday’s news that two large coal-fired power plants are set to close in the next year. The utility firm Luminant announced that it would close the Sandow Power Plant and the Big Brown Power Plant … #windenergy #energy #power #windpower

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The Latest: Gore Optimistic About Renewable Energy

Despite continued denial of global warming in some circles, former Vice President Al Gore told a national green energy conference in Las Vegas he’s “extremely optimistic” about growing bipartisan support for bigger investments in renewable energy. #renewableenergy #energy #power #climatechange

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One Giant Wind Farm Could Power the Entire Planet

But as this year’s historic hurricane season has shown, the world has plenty of wind. In fact, new research by scientists at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Stanford, California suggests that one stupendous wind farm floating in the North … #windpower #windenergy #power #energy

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How Deep Ocean Wind Turbines Could Power the World

If the wind energy can be harvested more efficiently, that lowers the costs and encourages investment. And that could open new clean energy options in regions with high wind speeds, like the North Atlantic, and in areas that lack the wide coastal shelf … #windpower #windenergy #energy #power

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Like solar, wind power is now cheaper than coal-based electricity in India

After a steep fall in solar power prices in India, it is now the turn of wind energy. During an auction conducted last week by the state-run Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) for 1,000 megawatts (MW) of wind power installations, tariffs fell to … #windpower #windenergy #power #energy

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