Harnessing Wind Power: Viable And Effective

With the cost (and pollution levels) of traditional energy sources such as burning coal and other combustible resources being extremely high, countries are obliged by themselves to look at other, more renewable energy sources to meet their needs. Energy from the wind is cited to solve this current energy shortage trends.

To get energy from wind, we must focus on a concept known as kinetic energy. Whereas many wind projects have been turned down in many areas such as the Cape Cod wind energy project other regions are embracing such technologies.

Equipment Used In Wind Power Generation

Turbines turn with the wind, and then this turning produces enough momentum to charge energy storage cells (such as batteries). While shafts actually create the energy that is then stored or converted into electricity.

Advantages Of Harnessing The Wind Energy:

1. Not only is wind power a renewable energy, but like other renewable energies it gives off no harmful greenhouse gases while being operated – no methane, no carbon dioxide.
2. Fuel costs and global warming are becoming a bigger concern for people in their daily lives, energy is environment friendly.
3. Another advantage of this wind energy is that it displaces carbon dioxide emissions totaling 15 million tons each year.

Some Reason For Harnessing wind Energy:

1. First, it produces no pollution or greenhouse gases.
2. Second, it is renewable and will last for as long as our son about another four billion years.
3. The bigger issue is getting them to produce enough energy at as low a price as possible to make them a viable energy production platform.

Generating Wind Power From Wind:

The process is viable, but we must accept it and pursue better technology to wring the most out of the huffing and puffing of Mother Nature. This process is natural and simple, but produces a monstrous amount of energy. We then convert it into usable electricity by catching it with wind turbines.

Some Tips For Generating Wind Energy:

1. The advantage of offshore wind farms has to do with the frequency and generation of winds.
2. On top of all of this, placing wind farms in the ocean avoids the cost of buying pricey space on land.
3. Given this situation, ideal locations for wind farms are often along shorelines or in valleys funneling winds from the shore.

Some Countries Harnessing Wind Energy:

1. China is also beginning to invest large amounts of resources in wind farms as its energy needs grow.
2. There are other countries on the continent of Africa that are trying pilot wind energy projects, both on large scales and small, home based turbine scales.
3. One place where African wind energy is being used in large amounts is found in South Africa, in Cape Town.

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