Homemade Wind Power: 20 Questions on How to Build Your Own Turbine

For those who would like to use clean, green, and renewable energy but are afraid of the high costs; there is a more affordable alternative to buying readymade sources from big companies. This alternative is called homemade wind power, the do-it-yourself way. You can do it, without a doubt. Lots of DIY enthusiasts have done so and reaped the benefits of having a free and renewable energy resource in their homes.

But first, what is wind power? It is the ability of the wind to generate energy by way of its blowing strength. Take into account the ability of man to harness this power with the use of inventions such as windmills and wind turbines and you have your renewable energy source.

How does it work? Wind turbines are composed of sturdy blades that function as wind catchers. Strong winds turn the specially designed blades and in so doing make the generator within produce electricity.

How is electricity made? It is made with the use of magnetic coils within the generator. It works somewhat like a coil engine. Strong magnets placed near the coils are being turned around by wind power. This turning action generates electricity from the coils.

Can I make my own designs? It is possible, but you have to go by certain safety standards. Proper design should also be maintained for the location and other factors.

How do I get started? There are booklets and e-books and websites that discuss the methods for building your own homemade wind power. Educate yourself by reading them.

Where do I get the materials? Instructions on how to make these turbines will tell you that the materials are commonplace and easily purchased in local hardware stores.

Is it hard to build? Some diy builders have claimed a two-day weekend as the perfect schedule to be building and installing their turbines. Some diy wind turbine kits have easy to follow instructions with illustrations that make it simple and uncomplicated for an amateur builder to follow.

How much power can it generate? This will depend on the size of your blades, the capacity of your generator, and factors in your location such as altitude, wind strength, wind direction, and the like.

Are there any other sources of renewable energy? Yes. Aside from the wind, man has been harnessing power from the sun, the tides, waves, biomass, as well as geothermal and hydroelectric sources.

Is there any way to make it more affordable? You could avail of government incentives such as tax rebates. These are designed to make the initial cost of building alternative energy systems less daunting to ordinary citizens. Doing it yourself will already make significant cuts in costs.

Does it work? Homemade wind power and other homemade power systems have been enjoying a surge in popularity. It is mainly due to our fossil fuel problems, to the rising costs of electricity, and to the attractive incentives of the government. There have been no complaints from the residences and individuals using such alternative forms of energy.

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