Homemade Wind Power – How to Generate Power at Home by Using a Homemade Wind Generator

Wind Energy is converted into electricity at home by making use of wind turbines. It is not that hard to construct a home made wind turbine. This homemade wind power helps us reduce our energy bills. There are a few tools that are required to build the wind turbines. These tools can be purchased from the market. The electricity can be used for all the electrical appliances, farms and other industries.

Wind energy does not produce air pollution. You can save the planet by generating wind power at home to make use of it for domestic purposes. We must not mount the wind turbine on the roof. This is because the winds near the roof are very slow and so the power generated is reduced. The home made windmills can be placed on an open land where there is maximum flow of wind. The pole must be fixed firmly on the ground to withstand strong winds.

To generate homemade wind power, a wind turbine must be setup which should have blades, a pole, a hub to hold the blades and a motor. The blades are actually used to catch the wind. The blades must be fixed with equal space on the hub. The blades are fixed in such a way so that more amount of wind is captured. They are mostly made from PVC pipes. The hub will connect all the blades. The blades must be cut such that they are of equal size.

The electric motor converts the wind energy drawn by blades to electricity. The tower or pole acts as the supporting element. It has to be fixed firmly on the ground. Finally Wires are used to connect all the devices to establish connectivity. The motor is connected to a battery to store excess electricity. Then finally the direct current is converted into alternating current and is made use at home.

You can check out whether the electricity is being generated with the help of the ammeter. You can either use the simple ammeter which is quiet cheap or you can buy the multimeter and then use it for ever. I would really appreciate the use of the multimeter. Homemade wind power is easy to generate. Initially it might be little difficult to construct the windmill but it gives a lot of motivation to you to generate power for your own use at home.

You can take the help of someone to build wind turbine [http://www.earth4savingenergy.info/windpower.php] to generate wind power. It would be beneficial for you to access all information regarding construction of homemade wind power at [http://www.earth4savingenergy.info/windpower.php]. You can also make others understand how useful it would if they also construct such a windmill. The whole setup can be placed at the back of the house.

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