Oceans May Host Next Wave Of Renewable Energy : NPR

Think “renewable energy” and the wind and sun come to mind, but someday it may be possible to add ocean energy to that list. The fledgling wave energy …and more » #renewables #cleanenergy #greenenergy #alternativeenergy #ecology

renewables cleanenergy greenenergy alternativeenergy ecology

Wind and solar to dominate new EU energy

Solar power could account for more than 30% of all new capacity in the next 25 years, and global growth in solar PV capacity in 2016 was greater than for any other form of generation, with costs down 70%. But despite the growth of renewables and the … #windpower #windenergy #cleanenergy

windpower windenergy cleanenergy

India Plans World’s Largest Solar Power Tender — 20 Gigawatts

It is perhaps the worry of missing the ambitious renewable energy target that the Indian government has floated the idea of launching the world’s largest solar power tender. According to media reports, the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy is planning … #solarpower


Tesla’s solar power today and tomorrow versus yesterday at SolarCity

SolarCity was once, without a doubt, the leading name in residential solar power in the United States. Solar leasing was 72% of residential installations in 2014 – and the largest lessor, SolarCity, had a 34% market share of all solar installed, leased …and more » #solarpower