Renewal Energy: Need of the Hour!

This article written tries to inform the readers about the sources of renewable energy and their various forms . It also throws light on key barrier while implementing renewable energy sources and their importance in future.

Produced from the purest natural resources like sun, rain, wind and tides, Renewal energy is one of the cleanest sources of energy, which can be generated as and when required. In today’s scenario when all the global oil reservoirs are on the brink of declining, renewal energy is the much talked about topic and the only resource to be looked upon. With a futuristic point of view, the concept of utilizing renewal energy is being endorsed and hyped all around the globe.

There are many sources and forms of renewal energy including solar energy, hydro energy, tidal energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, biomass, fuel cells and nuclear energy. With so much in its kitty, this form of energy has its own distinctive pros and cons.

All the major renewal energy sources are non-perishable and can easily be replenished or refilled. These resources are extremely environmental friendly for the reason they do not involve burning or combustion of any substance like fuel etc., which emit low carbon, ultimately protecting the environment. Besides being the cleanest energy source, they are also available in abundance all over the world and will be there for years to come. These low maintenance energy sources are economically friendly too. Renewal energy sources like wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy or ocean energy are also completely free to use around the sphere. In comparison to non-renewal energy sources, renewal comes with copious amount of advantages as discussed above. And for the reason of limited availability of non-renewal sources, which are bound to expire one day, renewal energy sources have made their way to the existence.

With renewal energy sources getting limelight, it’s not only the environment, which is getting greener, but it’s the economy too which is getting benefited. With stimulating economy and creating tons of job opportunities with the plants installed, now there is no need to depend on any third country for supply of renewal sources as was the case with non-renewal sources.

Along with oodles of benefits involved, there are fewer drawbacks too attached with renewal energy sources. When it comes to consistency and dependability, these sources fall short big time. It is the geographical locations and atmospheric conditions that make huge impact on the effectiveness of these sources of energy. Though they benefit economy big time, but the initial setup cost or investment in the plants is considerably high. In case of solar energy, it involves major drawback that it can only be consumed in day time, in case of geothermal energy, chances of toxic chemical surfacing on earth is quite possible. Talking about Hydro energy, the cost involved in building dams is quite expensive and also affects wildlife and nature. And because of such reasons and steep investment costs involved in mass scale planting, the global acceptance of these sources is yet to take place.

So, for the final call, all the positives and negativesFeature Articles, renewal energy is the next big thing to happen and a necessity for crafting a better future for coming generations.

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