Saving Energy Around The Home

Now that the earth’s once seemingly limitless supply of fossil fuels such as natural gas and crude oil is becoming increasingly limited, it has become imperative that everybody takes steps to reduce their energy use. Here are some hints and tips for reducing your carbon footprint  and your utilities bills  without necessarily making any severe lifestyle compromises:

Don’t use appliances which make inefficient use of the energy that they require. All modern appliances are labelled with energy usage comparison tables that you can use to gauge the relative efficiency of the item in question.

Even if you can’t afford to replace an older item with a greener modern equivalent, you might still be able to have them adapted to make better use of the energy that they require, for example, by buying modern controls for an older boiler.

If you are not using an appliance, turn it off. Even if all your TV is doing is displaying a small red LED and waiting for a signal from a remote control, it is still using over half the energy that it would if you were watching it, which, apart from anything else, is costing you a lot of money which would be better spent elsewhere.

If your computer has a  sleep’ mode, use this rather than a screen saver, as this uses far less power.

You can generate your own green electricity by installing solar panels and wind turbines on your property. However this can be an expensive business, so the next best thing to do would be to sign up to a green energy supply contract, with either a dedicated green electricity firm, or one of the eco-electricity schemes offered by mainstream suppliers. This does not guarantee that all your electricity will be coming from green sources, as it all feeds into the national grid, but this at least encourages investment in renewables.

Avoid wasting energy through your water supply by installing low flow shower heads and insulating your pipes and the area around your boiler.

Make sure that your dishwasher and washing machine are only used for full loads, as this is the best way to ensure that energy is not being wasted in this appliance.

A small reduction in your household temperature can mean a big reduction in your household bills. Nobody will notice if you turn down your thermostat by one degree, but you will certainly notice a reduction of around ten percent of your energy bill!

One of the cheapest and most effective ways of cutting your energy usage is to insulate your home using rockwool. In particular, much of the heat produced in the home is lost to the atmosphere through the roof, so by insulating your loft you can keep a lot of the heat that you produce from being wasted.Keep your home maintained.

Similarly, by upgrading your windows to double or even triple glazing, you can save a substantial amount off your annual utilities bill.

By installing modern timer and temperature controls for your boiler, you can greatly improve the level of flexibility of your heating system, while making substantial efficiency savings.

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