Simple Hints On How To Save Energy At Home

As domestic consumers need more and more power, advice on how to save energy in the home will be welcomed to decrease the load on power grids. Practically speaking, electricity and power sources are finite. Every saving that can be introduced in the home will be helping reduce the peak load on the power system and on the budget. Although some practices which minimize electricity usage may seem trivial, over time such economies can make a difference on a large scale, especially if adopted by large number of users.

If you have some spare cash, insulation and solar panels are the best long-term solutions to saving power. While there is an initial outlay this is usually recouped in savings within a couple of years. Insulating includes ensuring your water tanks and pipes are well wrapped. There can be high rates of heat loss in this area. By insulating pipes, your water will stay hot much longer.

Cooling and heating are big consumers of power. Prevent heat from escaping from your house in winter by ensuring doors and windows are well-sealed. Use DIY fillers to seal cracks in floorboards and under skirting boards. Double glazing is very effective in preventing heat loss through windows and should be considered when you need to replace a window.

Keeping appliances free of grime and dust will allow more efficient operation. Inspect filters regularly and replace if necessary. Keep fridge and freezer coils clean. In winter, turn the house thermostat down a degree or two when you’re home and even more when you’re at work. Wear warmer clothes and add an extra quilt to the bed. Stop heat from escaping through the house by keeping doors shut.

As the days get longer and warmer, take advantage of early morning cool air by opening up the house. Then close the drapes before the day gets really hot. Sun-blocked curtains help keep rooms cool as do thicker drapes. When it gets too hot outside to open up the house, try raising the setting on the thermostat. Even small changes can bring relatively big savings of energy.

As you replace appliances, take note of their energy efficiency rating of your potential purchase. Standard light globes can be replaced with CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light). The latest in lighting is LED bulbs which are much longer lasting than standard or CFLs as well as being more efficient. If you can use a bulb that produces less heat, then you will also be saving on the cost of air conditioning.

Once an appliance is hot, use it to the full extent possible at the time so energy isn’t wasted with the appliance having to heat up again. Use an outside clothes line where possible. By cooking two casseroles then a batch or two of biscuits, maximum use can be made of a hot oven. Also, remember that an oven gives off more heat than a microwave. By following these ideas on how to save energy, you will be helping conserve energy and saving yourself money.

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