Solar Energy Facts: Saving Energy- It’s Simple, And You Can Begin Today

Even though many people do worry about the environment, the current economic downturn has forced us to focus more on our own financial survival than saving the earth. The great news is that you can do both at the same time. You can save the planet at the same time as saving energy!

There are a lot of ways to conserve resources, some are straightforward and trouble-free but don’t do a lot while some others will make a bigger impact but can be costly and time consuming to execute.

You can use wind power and/or solar power to provide extra electricity to your home. While it would take quite a few turbines or solar panels to supply all the electricity needed, every little bit will help.

If you’re not quite to the stage where you wish to start installing turbines and solar panels, there are still some straightforward changes you can make beginning today.

Here are a few easy to follow, simple to do, ideas:

1. Turn off lights and other electricity using appliances when not in use. Even on standby mode t.v’s and DVD players use electricity. If you are not using them for extended periods of time, just unplug them.

2. Be certain all filters in your furnace and air conditioners are clean. A grimy filter cuts down on efficiency significantly which means your unit will work harder and use more electricity.

3. Use nature as much as possible. When it’s warm and there is a nice breeze, shut off the A.C. and open your windows. In the winter allow as much sunlight into your home as possible by opening curtains during the day but be sure to keep them closed in the evening to keep the cold out. m

Also, make certain to keep that sunlight out in the hot summer months.

These tips are simple, and commonsense, but they will help you with saving energy and you can start today.

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