Solar Energy The Most Viable Green Energy Source For Future

If you are thinking of switching to Green Energy today, you would be making a decision that would have long-lasting impact for the future. The energy requirement is different for every home and business. And, there are different ways for incorporating renewable energy to meet these requirements. Solar energy is among the most viable and economical renewable energy sources that can be produced at the point of use. The leading technologies used in harnessing this unlimited source of energy are described below.

Photovoltaics or Solar Electric

• Photovoltaics or PV involves conversion of sunlight into electricity. Solar cells are made from silicon-based components and they form the smallest part in solar panels. When the cells get exposed to sunlight they start producing electric current.

• Depending upon the amount of sunlight available and its intensity, the solar panels installed on the roof can meet your entire or partial energy requirements.

• The initial cost of installation is high, but the incentives and rebates from government can help reduce the cost by as much as 50%.

• Two unique features that make this Green Energy technology even more viable are that it is literally maintenance-free and the life expectancy is also very long.

Solar Thermal Energy

The technology using solar energy for heating water has been in use for at least a decade. While the earlier systems were simple in design but low on efficiency, the present-day systems have become more efficient. Used for heating home or shower, this form of Green Energy has been proven to be a reliable and long-lasting method for heating water.

You can incorporate solar thermal systems into your energy requirements in different ways. You could be building some new part in your home or you could be thinking of replacement of some old equipment.

Solar Pool heating

When it comes to finding a cost effective Green Energy solution, solar pool heating is among the leading methods. Usually, you would be able to use your regular pool pump for moving the pool water into the solar heating collectors. This system would return heated water back to the pool and gradually warms up all the water. This Green Energy system is going to pay for the initial cost of installation in just a few years.

So, if you are thinking of harnessing Green Energy for the power requirement in your home, it would be best to choose solar energy.

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