Solar Home Plans For a Energy Saving Lifestyle


Building a home to meet 21st century energy standards begins with a thought. Solar home plans help produce a physical structure from those thoughts that reflects conservation, style and an energy efficient and cost saving attitude. There are several different types of solar home plans available. Solar plans are becoming popular and can be found on various websites in cyberspace. Solar home plans include individual client preferences based on location and cost.

Individual solar home plans offer clients the opportunity to incorporate specific features in the home that make each solar home special. Plans that have flexibility, as well as character, are the solar home plans that stand out in a neighborhood or a town. Most solar home plans include some or all of the following details:

  • A south wall that must face more than 15% off of true south
  • A tall south walls or one that has gables
  • A south porch that compliments the design
  • A wood stove or hearth that can be used as a backup system
  • Foundation plans and detailed drawings
  • Floor plans for each level with dimensions
  • Wall sections with details
  • Whole house cross-sections
  • Elevations of all sides of the house
  • Roof framing and collector details
  • Framing details for each level
  • Electrical drawings for each level
  • Construction specs and notes, window and door schedules and interior elevations
  • Fireplace and stair details

Solar or sun-inspired home designs incorporate the movement of the sun in the design, and they take the heat and the light it emits during the day into consideration when designing interior rooms. Porches are usually included as outdoor living space. The exterior design is inviting, as well as unique, in a somewhat traditional way. When a solar home is designed effectively using quality insulation and caulking, heating and cooling costs can be reduced by over 70%. Construction costs may be 10% higher than a standard home, but the overall energy savings, plus the tax incentives offeredFree Articles, quickly negate that expense.

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