Solar Power Is Available to the Typical Homeowner

The solar industry in the United States is growing on a regular basis. Solar energy is available to more homes than it ever has been, and more homeowners are taking advantage of this technology. There are a couple of primary reasons that people think about solar; environmental and cost savings. These are both viable considerations, but there are others as well. If you have thought about exploring this option yourself, you will want to reach out to a company that specializes in home solar panels in Seattle or in your local neighborhood. You will then be able to understand your options and the potential benefit to you and your home.

Reasons You Should Go Solar

  • The first big reason is that solar power is good for the environment. Unlike conventional power, there are no harmful emissions being produced from solar energy. This is big when you take into account that almost all homes in the United States are using a form of energy. Any progress toward reducing the overall carbon footprint is a great benefit.
  • If you add solar panels to your home, you are making an investment as well as creating a cleaner energy source. Not only do you save money each month on your bills but you are increasing your property value as well.
  • You may even make some money with solar energy. In some states you can push the excess power you create back into the grid and be paid for it.
  • The actual panels involved with solar energy are very durable. There are no moving parts so they do not damage easily. With this being said, you won’t find that you have to shut down for repairs or interrupt your service.
  • You may think of a solar option to offset something else that you have always wanted to have. One good example is a swimming pool. There is a big energy expense with heating a pool, even though it may add other value. You may find that by creating energy through a solar system you can offset the extra energy cost of the pool.
  • The sun is not going to raise your rates! Utility companies do have periodic rate increases, but with solar you are looking at a true fixed cost based on the amount that you pay monthly for your system. Once the system is paid for, your benefit is even larger.
  • This system gives you the opportunity to be ahead of the curve. Clean and renewable energy is the way of the future, and you will already be there if you are converting to solar now.
  • There may be some confusion about the ability to use solar power when the sun is not out. There is no lapse in energy at night or when it is cloudy. While the sun is strong you are collecting energy that still goes out to the electrical grid, you are never totally disconnected. During those times you are basically crediting yourself with excess energy. At night you will be using this credited energy in your home.
  • You will find that there are incentives offered on both a federal, and many local levels, to install solar power. You can get a tax credit on your federal filing if you have a system. You will also want to check with your state and local city to see what incentives they might offer you as well.
  • The thought of having some energy independence is valuable. If the overall electrical system went down, you would still have a source of energy
  • Solar has become an easy option to consider for the typical homeowner. The process for installation has become more affordable  across the country. If you have interest, it is worth your time to explore the possibilities.

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