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Solar Industry Wants to Build Puerto Rico’s Grid of the Future

Funding for the project was provided by Empowered by Light (a group backed by Leonardo DiCaprio), rooftop company Sunrun Inc. (which also donated the solar panels), and GivePower, a nonprofit that specializes in solar installation in conflict regions. #solarenergy #solar #energy #power #solarpower

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Your home could be powered by solar powered batteries in the near future

Some states, such as California and Arizona, see an abundance of solar energy produced during the day, but that production falls off in the evening when power usage is at its highest. … These … #savingenergyinyourhome


San Marcos pairs up with Tesla to bring solar power to schools

At Mission Hills High School alone, he said, solar arrays will generate 1.6 million kilowatt hours in the first year, supplying 83 percent of the school’s projected use. The district will pay about 14 cents per kilowatt hour for that power – less than … #solarpower #solarenergy #energy #power

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‘This is the future’: solar-powered family car hailed by experts

Their family car, Stella Vie, carried five people at an average speed of 69kmh, with event director Chris Selwood saying it was a practical demonstration of what the future might look like. “These incredible solar cars have been designed with the … #solarpower #solarenergy #energy #power

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Solar energy is fastest growing source of power

PARIS — A report shows that solar energy was the fastest-growing source of power last year, accounting for almost two-thirds of net new capacity globally. The International Energy Agency said Wednesday that the rise was due to a boom in photovoltaic … #solarenergy #energy #power #solarpower #tesla

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