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Weatherwatch: extending life of turbine blades is next challenge for wind power

Onshore wind turbines have become the cheapest form of generating electricity in the UK – and many other windy parts of the world. This is partly because the design of blades to make maximum use of available wind has improved along with the height and … #windenergy #energy #renewableenergy

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With cheap solar and wind power, is it time to rethink ‘energy efficiency’?

The need to cut emissions from the energy sector has motivated the use of hydro, solar and wind power, and the development of more efficient buildings that consume less energy. And these solutions have indeed slightly reduced the world’s per-capita …and more » #windenergy #wind #windpower

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France sets out ten-point plan to double wind power capacity by 2023

Global installed wind energy capacity has grown on average by 22 percent a year since 2006 as countries turn to low-carbon sources to produce electricity. Renewables, including wind, solar, bioenergy, hydropower and wave and tidal energy, could account …and more » #windenergy #windpower #power #renewableenergy

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German know-how gives Ireland a wind-powered push

In late October 2017, Galway Wind Park, Ireland’s largest wind farm, started commercial operation. It is expected to generate enough renewable energy to power more than 140,000 homes. Located in sparsely populated western Ireland on state forest lands …and more » #windpower #energy #renewableenergy

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