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These Pro Athletes Are Raising Money To Bring Solar Power To Puerto Rico

Four months after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, around 450,000 people still lack power, and the local electric utility–which is on track to run out of money by mid-February without a massive loan–is still struggling to rebuild the grid. A local wind … #solarpower #solarenerg#solarpanels

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Grant-aided scheme for solar panels announced

Minister for Communications, Climate Action and the Environment, Denis Naughten, has today announced his intention to open a grant-aided pilot scheme this summer for solar PV microgeneration – solar panels for home use. This programme will initially …and more » #renewablehomeenergy


Saudi Arabia Set To Auction Around 4 Gigawatts Of Solar & Wind Capacity This Year

The world can expect more record-breaking bids for solar and wind energy projects this year as Saudi Arabia plans to hold at least two rounds of auction for solar and wind energy projects under its National Renewable Energy Program (NREP). Saudi Arabia … #windenergy #cleanenergy #solar

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African Power Elites Industry Project: Solar Market Revolution

Solar energy systems for self-use are increasingly in demand; however, due to a lack of financial products geared toward the unique high CAPEX and long project lifespans of solar energy systems, many businesses and communities are unable to utilise …and more » #solarpower #solarenergy #panels #energy

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