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Solar power is the fastest growing source of global energy

Solar power was the fastest-growing source of global energy last year, overtaking growth from all other forms, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). The spurt is largely attributed to lower prices and changing government policies … #solarpower #solarenergy #solar #power #energy

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Sharing solar energy in Bangladesh

Thanks to new technology, entire villages in Bangladesh can now illuminate their homes. The social enterprise SOLshare provides peer-to-peer solar energy trading platforms. Surplus electricity no longer goes to waste. #solarenergy #power #energy #solarpower

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A Franciscan nun is leading a fight for solar energy in Indiana

Claire Whalen is an 88-year-old Franciscan nun who just celebrated her seventh decade in the order. But that hasn’t caused her to slow down. In fact, she’s still very active both in her capacity as a nun — and as an environmental activist. VICE News … #solarenergy #solar #power #panels

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Elon Musk says Tesla could rebuild Puerto Rico’s power grid with batteries and solar

After Puerto Rico was hit by two hurricanes back to back in just a few weeks, along with other islands in the Caribbean, most of their power grid was completely destroyed. Tesla quickly started quietly shipping Powerwalls there to try to get power back … #solarpower #energy #power #solarenergy #tesla

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ABB Powers Up Largest Solar Power Plant In South America

But that is just the tip of the ABB iceberg. The company is also heavily involved in building solar power plants, including one in the Atacama Desert, a 1000 kilometer strip 400 miles north of Santiago, Chile. The Atacama is one of the harshest …and more » #solarpower #solarenergy #power #energy

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