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This Team of Researchers Just Figured Out How to Desalinate Water with Solar Power

Rice University researchers (from left) Naomi Halas, Qilin Li, Peter Nordlander, Seth Pederson, Alessandro Alabastri and Pratiksha Dongare with a scaled up test bed of the NEWT Center’s direct solar desalination system. (Photo by Jeff Fitlow/Rice … #solarpower #solar #energy #climate

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Solar And Wind Energy Aren’t “Alternative” Any More

And solar and wind are set to become cheaper than coal just about everywhere (if they haven’t already). As Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) chairman Michael Liebreich likes to say, solar and wind aren’t “alternative” forms of power anymore. They’re … #windenergy

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California Prepares for Solar Power Loss During the Great Eclipse

During the eclipse, when the sun disappears behind the moon, utility workers plan to ramp up energy output from other sources, including from hydroelectricity and natural gas, and then quickly reintroduce solar power as the sun reappears. In all … #solarpower #solar #energy #greenenergy #green

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These Solar Panels Generate Drinking Water From the Air

Friesen says he’s installed his special form of solar panels in seven countries. The panels are self-contained – with everything they need to generate clean drinking water inside. #solarpower #solar #energy #solarenergy

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