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Solar Power Is Blooming in Minnesota

Brian Vetter, a corn, soy, and alfalfa farmer who also raises cattle and hogs in south-central Minnesota, long dreamed of lighting up his farm with solar panels. The farm spanned two counties and two different utility providers, one of which, the local … #solarpower #solar #solarenergy #solarpanels

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China starts generating power from floating solar plant

BEIJING, Dec 10 (Reuters) – China’s Three Gorges Group started producing power from a 150-megawatt floating solar plant in east China, the largest of its kind in the world, official Xinhua news agency reported on Sunday. The solar power project in …and more » #solarpower


Scientists Channel Tesla & Einstein To Invent New Double-Glazed …

Let’s begin by saying this is a story about a laboratory experiment that may be good news for renewable energy advocates in the future. It has no practical industrial application at the present time. But how a technological breakthrough in solar panel … #solarpower #solar #solarpanels #solarenergy #renewableenergy

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The Surprising Solution To The Global Water Crisis: Solar Power

The solution is a solar microgrid-powered water plant that uses reverse osmosis and ultraviolet (UV) filtration technologies, converting hard water into clean drinkable water. Simply put, reverse osmosis is a water filtering process where contaminated … #solarpower


Flagship residential solar panel from LG breaks 21% efficiency, goes all black

The main pitch here is that we have an Enphase inverter, coming from the factory, attached to the solar panel. Individual solar panel electronics – hardware mainly from SolarEdge and Enphase – drive a majority of residential solar power installations … #solarpower #solar #solarenergy #energy

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