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Taiwanese ‘Solar Power Flagship Company’ announced, plans for module factory in the US

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Three of Taiwan’s most prominent companies involved in renewable energy technology, on Jan. 29 confirmed a proposed merger to establish a “solar flagship company” to create a “competitive edge on the global market” for Taiwanese …and more » #solarpower #solarenergy #energy #technology

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UC Berkeley glass will one day make windows into solar panels

Heated up to about 100 degrees Celsius, the clear glass took 30 seconds to take on an orange tint and become ready to generate power. Placed in a damp box to cool off, the orange glass turned clear in about 10 seconds. Yang said it’s not hard to … #solarpower #solarenergy #panels

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10 really cool Solar Power installations in (and above) the world …

Now that solar power is here, and without a doubt racing toward being a leading source of global electricity, we’ve now got some really cool, established solar power systems. Some on Earth, some above, some giant, some small. The flexibility of solar … #solarpower #solarenergy #solarpanels #renewableenergy

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New Ship With Rigid Solar Sails Harnesses the Power of Sun and Wind at the Same Time

Called EnergySails, the technology should enable ships to use both solar and wind energy at the same time. The sails were developed by Japanese renewable energy systems company Eco Marine Power (EMP) as part of a larger project known as Aquarius Marine … #windpowerhomesystems #windenergy #renewableenergy #cleanenergy

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The state of the US solar industry: 5 questions answered

To illustrate what’s at stake, energy scholar Joshua Rhodes provides some context on the U.S. solar industry and its opportunities and challenges. How big is the U.S. solar industry, and what is its growth trajectory? The U.S. solar industry generated …and more » #solarpowerplant