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Tesla’s Powerpacks Will Help Power the World’s First Solar and Wind Energy Storage Project

Tesla has a new contract to provide Powerpacks to a renewable energy farm in Australia planning to combine solar and wind. The Kennedy Energy Park, could generate enough electricity to power 35,000 average Australian homes. #power #energy #windpower #windenergy #windfarm

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The World’s First Floating Wind Farm Is Now Producing Energy

Over 15 miles from the coast of Scotland, a wind power project could foreshadow a major part of our clean-energy future. Hywind Scotland, situated in Buchan Deep, is the world’s first floating wind farm, with its five six-megawatt turbines now … #windpower #windenergy #power #energy

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Amazon’s largest wind farm yet is up and running in Texas

Greenpeace slammed Amazon earlier this week for its environmental practices — namely, the fact that it doesn’t disclose much about its energy use or materials. But today, the company announced that its largest wind farm yet is up and running. The … #windpower #energy #power #windenergy

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