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India Plans World’s Largest Solar Power Tender — 20 Gigawatts

It is perhaps the worry of missing the ambitious renewable energy target that the Indian government has floated the idea of launching the world’s largest solar power tender. According to media reports, the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy is planning … #solarpower


Hurricane Maria has made Puerto Rico the land of opportunity for solar power

Seven weeks after hurricane Maria, the traffic lights are still down in San Juan. The narrow, cobbled streets of the city’s historic center, one of the island’s top tourist attractions, turn pitch black as soon as the sun sets. With appliances useless … #solarpower #solarenergy #energy #solar

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Sunrun is catching up to Tesla in the US residential solar market

Following Tesla’s shift in its solar power business after the acquisition of SolarCity, which has been dominating the US residential solar market for years, SunRun has now come within, at least, 17% of Tesla’s residential solar construction volume in … #solarpower


The Truth About Efficiency in Solar Power Generation

Solar and wind have another factor which is important for economics. While the wind and sun are free, they don’t blow all the time and aren’t always blowing or shining hard enough to make the wind farms and solar panels generate electricity at maximum …and more » #solarpower #solarenergy #panels #energy

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