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How To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

If you want to get fancy, put in plantation shutters that are both highly decorative and notable work horses when it comes to keeping the sun’s rays at bay on hot days, all while saving energy in the process. Now that’s a welcome window treatment if…

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How to Prepare an Energy Efficient Home by CLEO GIB

Anyone looking to save money on heating bills might want to consider various methods of creating an energy efficient home. Looking at different types of insulation is one way, as getting the best crawl space insulation Norcross, GA, can make a huge difference. Insulation is designed to keep heat from escaping your house. The less heat that escapes, the less needs to be pumped back into your house, saving you money. Fiberglass insulation is common, but there are many types for many locations and situations, from wool to cellulose to natural fibers, and insulation doesn’t just need to be installed when a home is being built. It can be added to a preexisting home, too.

In addition to insulation, moisture control can also help your home become more energy efficient. Moisture buildup in a home can damage insulation as well as air sealing, so finding ways to prevent it from building up is always beneficial. This can be accomplished through a number of techniques, the simplest being proper ventilation. Sump pumps and dehumidifiers are also useful in damp areas.

Moisture control is especially important in areas that don’t get that ventilation, like basements, crawl spaces, and attics. Insulation is also vital in these areas, too, as they are rooms that can lose a lot of heat. In warmer climates, this will usually mean well-ventilated fiberglass. In places where the temperature stays below freezing for a while, the best option is often rigid insulation without any vents or holes, not neglecting to insulate the foundation. It is also helpful to add a moisture barrier to the floor to prevent any water from seeping up that way. .