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Young developers create energy saving industrial solutions

With the help of your smartphone, you can calculate power consumption and control home appliances,” said company co-founder and CEO Sanzhar Myrzagalym, one of Kazakhstan’s 100 New Faces. Myrzagalym built the business and team during his college years … #savingenergy #savemoney #EnergySaving #energyefficiency

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Rod Oram: Going green really cuts your energy bills

In his weekly column for Newsroom, Rod Oram looks at moves afoot in commercial property to get serious about energy efficiency – and gives a personal tale of saving money by converting his home and cars. Two recent initiatives suggest the commercial …and more » #savingenergy #saving

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Here’s how to save energy for the holidays

In addition to using energy efficient lights, Mathis said another important step to take is to minimize the amount of time energy is being used by taking steps such as running outdoor Christmas lights on a pre-set timer and unplugging in-home electric … #savingenergy #saving

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Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis on the 7 energy myths that could be costing you hundreds

Using a timer is best, because your thermostat is designed to turn your heating on and off to keep your home at the temperature you set it. This is the view of both the Energy Saving Trust and British Gas, so in general I’d stick with that. Yet some …and more » #savingenergyathome


Electric cars emit 50% less greenhouse gas than diesel, study finds

Electric cars emit significantly less greenhouse gases over their lifetimes than diesel engines even when they are powered by the most carbon intensive energy, a new report has found. In Poland, which uses high volumes of coal, electric … The VUB … #savingearthsenergy