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Apple Is Building Another Data Center Fueled Entirely by Renewable Energy in Europe

“The planned facility in Aabenraa, like all of our data centers, will run on 100% renewable energy from day one, thanks to new clean energy sources we’re adding,” he said. Apple’s first data center in Denmark near the town of Viborg is due to begin … #renewableenergysources #alternativeenergy #ecology

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Video Report first UNIDO/EAE Energy Training in Groningen

Twenty-six policymakers from 24 developing countries and emerging economies from all over the globe came to Groningen in December 2016 for the first 8-day training programme on energy transition. The programme addressed key issues related to energy policy, technology and finance for the development of sustainable energy systems. Fifteen leading experts of Groningen University, Hanze UAS and corporate partners lectured and led discussions on topics within the challenges and drivers of sustainable energy for productive uses.


6 Cities With Plans To Use 100% Renewable Energy | Care2 Causes

Although it’s depressing that the president of the United States seems fixated on relaxing renewable energy goals, the good news is that federal government can’t necessarily stop some of the country’s biggest cities from adopting ambitious and earth-saving energy goals on their own accord.

These cities don’t need to wait for the federal government to institute timetables to utilize green energy. #savingenergy #energy #renewable  #environment #sustainable

Rotterdam Implements Energy Transition and Climate Measures

Can the city of Rotterdam cut its CO2 emissions substantially and become 100 percent climate-proof by 2025? The city aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by increasing its use of district heating and cooling, and by using renewable energy to power transportation while encouraging the use of electric vehicles.

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The port of Rotterdam’s waste incinerator and industries generate enough waste heat to supply 1 million households with hot water.