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Somerville Offering Complete Renewable Energy For Paris Accord Supporters

SOMERVILLE, MA – Somerville ratepayers who wish to follow the Paris Climate Accord can now opt for 100 percent renewable energy through the city’s Community Choice Electricity program. On July 1, the CCE bulk buying program will begin for households … #renewableenergy


Do-it-yourself Green Energy

One of the main reasons so much energy is used, while at home or work, is simple ignorance! Staying informed about the simplest and best ways to conserve energy will make a big difference in the long run. Read this article for some tips on how to use green energy!

While it is a great idea to turn off your computer when you are not using it, it can be a waste of energy if you do it while you will only be away from it or short periods of time. It is best to wait until before you go to bed when you know there will be hours before you use it again.

If you are charging products within your home, use smart green ideas to conserve energy by unplugging these devices when you are done. Even when they are fully charged, these units still consume energy and cost you money. So unplug them when they are finished, and save some energy and money.

You can take advantage of solar power without investing in costly installation. Paying attention to window placement, insulation and landscaping is enough. Get rid of any trees that cast a shadow on your home, add more windows if a room is too dark and add insulation in the walls to retain the solar heat.

When planning out your solar PV system, try to locate the battery storage system as close to the cells as possible. This procedure guards against power loss as energy travels through the cable. It also prevents the cable covering the cells, which would reduce their generation capability.

Don’t try to install a wind generator on a small piece of property. First of all, you’ll likely get complaints from the neighbors, as an efficient wind turbine needs to be at least 30 feet off the ground. Secondly, you need about an acre of land in order to ensure an unobstructed prevailing wind.

If you are in favor of using green energy to save money as well as to help the environment, try using an energy system that omits fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas, as these tend to emit carbon dioxide. Instead, use a renewable energy system such as solar, wind or hydro-power.

To incorporate green energy into your life, heat your home using biofuel instead of traditional fuels. This way, you can heat your home using renewable, biodegradable and generally, more environmentally friendly energy fairly easily. A wood or pellet stove is a great way to heat your home using biofuel products.

Remember to unplug appliances when they are not being utilized. A lot of appliances will continue to consume a significant amount of energy passively even when they are turned off. The reason for this is that energy is required to power features such as LED status lights, and clocks. Completely unplugging the appliance at the wall outlet will help you save energy.

Not only does going green conserve energy, it also cuts costs for electricity! There are several different options for alternative energy, including solar and wind power. Remember the tips in this article so you can share all of your new ways to conserve energy at home, driving, or when at work!

India will be the first to power its ports with green energy

The Government hopes to generate 200 megawatts via solar and wind sources.
As the US comes to terms with President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement, India is celebrating government efforts to promote green energy.
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Renewable Energy Tips for Your Home

Today, there are many ways to add renewable energy to your home. Adding renewable energy can save you a lot of money on your utility bills every month. You can add solar energy or you can also add wind energy, and if you add both, you will save even more. This savings is not only good for you but it is good for our earth as it will reduce the use of our natural resources to create the power that we need to live.

Many people use a combination of wind and solar power to create their own power. Each has its own advantages, and you should consider them carefully as you start investing in renewable energy options for your home and your life style.

For instance, in many areas of the world, summer is the best time for solar energy creation, but in the winter, wind will produce more power than the sun which is lower in the sky and not above the horizon for as many hours every day. This is why a combination of both solar and wind is the best option. It gives you the advantages of both systems when they work the best. And, of course, solar NEVER generates power during the nighttime hours, but many times, the wind continues to blow. So you will almost always get either one or both creating power for your home.

Where you put your solar and wind renewable energy generators is important.

A windmill is pretty large (the blades can be 10 feet across, and should be 20 feet or so above the ground) so it will need a fair amount of space in which to turn, and a fair amount of wind to keep it turning, so a clear path for the wind will make the system work that much better.
Though they can be placed in racks set in the ground, solar panels that create electricity are usually put on the roof of the home – but, for the most efficient use of the sun, it should be a South facing roof (in the Northern Hemisphere – North facing in the Southern Hemisphere) at an angle to the horizontal equal to your latitude… about 25 – 45 degrees in the continental US. The more space you have available for solar panels, the more power you will generate. You can expect approximately 20 watts of electricity from each square foot of solar collecting cells. So, for example, if you are able to install a 10’ x 20’ solar array (collection of solar panels) you could expect to generate about 4000 watts of power, enough to power 40, 100 watt light bulbs – as long as the sun was shining on your solar array.

(Of course, if you use compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs, you will save much, much more. What is interesting is that replacing your regular incandescent bulbs with energy saving compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs is one of the quickest ways you can start saving money on your electric bills since they usually consume about ¼ to 1/3 of the power that regular incandescent bulbs do – and LED bulbs consume even less power!)

There are many good books on building your own solar and wind systems to reduce your power consumption from your local power authorities. By all means examine these in depth resources – you’ll be glad you did.

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