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Somerville Offering Complete Renewable Energy For Paris Accord Supporters

SOMERVILLE, MA – Somerville ratepayers who wish to follow the Paris Climate Accord can now opt for 100 percent renewable energy through the city’s Community Choice Electricity program. On July 1, the CCE bulk buying program will begin for households … #renewableenergy


Do-it-yourself Green Energy

One of the main reasons so much energy is used, while at home or work, is simple ignorance! Staying informed about the simplest and best ways to conserve energy will make a big difference in the long run. Read this article for some tips on how to use green energy!

While it is a great idea to turn off your computer when you are not using it, it can be a waste of energy if you do it while you will only be away from it or short periods of time. It is best to wait until before you go to bed when you know there will be hours before you use it again.

If you are charging products within your home, use smart green ideas to conserve energy by unplugging these devices when you are done. Even when they are fully charged, these units still consume energy and cost you money. So unplug them when they are finished, and save some energy and money.

You can take advantage of solar power without investing in costly installation. Paying attention to window placement, insulation and landscaping is enough. Get rid of any trees that cast a shadow on your home, add more windows if a room is too dark and add insulation in the walls to retain the solar heat.

When planning out your solar PV system, try to locate the battery storage system as close to the cells as possible. This procedure guards against power loss as energy travels through the cable. It also prevents the cable covering the cells, which would reduce their generation capability.

Don’t try to install a wind generator on a small piece of property. First of all, you’ll likely get complaints from the neighbors, as an efficient wind turbine needs to be at least 30 feet off the ground. Secondly, you need about an acre of land in order to ensure an unobstructed prevailing wind.

If you are in favor of using green energy to save money as well as to help the environment, try using an energy system that omits fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas, as these tend to emit carbon dioxide. Instead, use a renewable energy system such as solar, wind or hydro-power.

To incorporate green energy into your life, heat your home using biofuel instead of traditional fuels. This way, you can heat your home using renewable, biodegradable and generally, more environmentally friendly energy fairly easily. A wood or pellet stove is a great way to heat your home using biofuel products.

Remember to unplug appliances when they are not being utilized. A lot of appliances will continue to consume a significant amount of energy passively even when they are turned off. The reason for this is that energy is required to power features such as LED status lights, and clocks. Completely unplugging the appliance at the wall outlet will help you save energy.

Not only does going green conserve energy, it also cuts costs for electricity! There are several different options for alternative energy, including solar and wind power. Remember the tips in this article so you can share all of your new ways to conserve energy at home, driving, or when at work!

Living the “Green” Dream

With all energy costs soaring almost daily, and the effects of climate change so prevalent, many people are wondering if there is any truth to the concept of “Living Green”. With recent advances in renewable energy technology, it is far easier now than it has ever been to start living the “Green Dream”. These advances have seen big improvements in quality and efficiency as well as cost reductions which have made many products affordable for the average householder.

But first let us define what Green energy is. Green energy is created from natural renewable resources, Sunlight, Wind and Water. Because of this, it is also known as Renewable Energy. It should not be misinterpreted as Alternative Energy, which also includes nuclear power and other carbon use sources.

So are there real benefits on a home or small business level to Green technology? Most certainly!! By installing green energy technology in the home you can save hundreds of pounds each year. Renewable energy technology is gaining in popularity all the time and it is easier to meet your home’s energy needs now, than ever before.

With the information now available about Green Energy, especially on the Internet it is possible to build a wind turbine or solar panel with just basic Do-it-yourself skills. If you can afford a professionally installed system, these are generally more efficient, but savings can still be made, and at a faster rate by building your own green systems.

So how can we utilize green principles in our home or indeed business premises. The process can start as early as the design stage, by implementing passive solar design, and taking advantage of south facing walls for heating and cooling. Installing plenty of highly efficient windows as well as heat retaining bricks, will ensure that you are taking full advantage of passive solar techniques.

The vast majority of us, however, don’t have the luxury of building our own home though. So what measures can the average person take to start living “Green”. As we said earlier Green energy comes from wind, water as well as the sun. If you are lucky enough to have a stream on your property you can harness its hydro electric power capabilities, and any average householder can install a wind turbine to utilize wind power.

Turbines can be installed on rooftops or on open land and and offer total pollution free electricity. Recent improvements in this technology have made turbines lighter and more aerodynamically efficient. They can be purchased from retailers or, for the more experienced do-it-yourselfer, there are a variety of value for money kits available on line so they can implement their own green energy home plans.

However for the majority of us, solar energy would be the most popular source of green energy due to its multiple use options. There are actually 2 types of solar energy: Thermal as well as Light. Homeowners can install a thermal rooftop solar hot water collector for all their heating needs, as well as installing solar panels, which use photovoltaic cells to generate electricity. Again, advances in solar technology have reduced these from giant panels to thin film layers, which are much more efficient and require less sunlight. Both of these systems can again be expensive if bought retail and installed professionally, but again there are an increasing number of reputable on line sites where you can build your own panels at a fraction of the retail cost.

Ideally a green energy home would combine all 3 sources, to generate electricity. Considerable savings can be made, grants may be available for installation costs and even possible profits from selling back your excess electricity generated. By using wind, water and solar energy you are truly going Green as they have no negative effect on the environment.

Green energy technology certainly does work and can be utilized by homes and businesses alike. Renewable energy can save you money, and with increasing consumer use, it will minimize the effects of global warming and our reliance on fossil fuels. So don’t delay. TAKE ACTION NOW and start living the “Green Dream”.