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Wind farms provide clean energy to the state

BELINGTON — Wind energy continues to provide clean alternative energy, and new technology allows the industry to continue to grow. “It’s clean; it’s somewhat reliable, just because it is dependent on the wind,” said Steve Abe, site manager for AES … #windenergy #windpower #wind #cleanenergy

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Wind Powered All of Scotland in October and Other Renewable Success Stories

Wind turbines in Scotland during the month of October, driven by unusually strong gales, generated enough electricity to supply 99 percent of the country’s power needs, taking into account residential, industrial, and business sectors! And if we just …and more » #windpower #windenergy #cleanenergy #renewableenergy

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Renewable Revolution, How Wind Energy Took Root In Germany

Jan Ehlen, 46, is proud: He and four others manage this wind farm of 23 turbines and 52 megawatts for the Awomo company. “It runs in the family,” he says. “My father Helmut used to produce energy using peat in the neighboring village of Ahrensmoor. #windenergy