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Benefits of Going Solar – 3 of the Most Important Benefits of Going Solar

Installing a solar energy system for your home is much easier than you think. Having such a system will turn your home into a green power plant that is harnessing the sun’s energy and converting it into the electricity you need for your home.

Your current electricity supply from your utility company is most likely based on a coal-powered plant that burns fossil fuels, emitting carbon dioxide and air pollution. There are a lot of benefits of going solar and generating electrical power from the sun.

Its a Huge Benefit to the Planet. Utility companies produce the highest percentage of electrical energy and they do this by burning fossil fuels and thus releasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Switching your electrical supply to a solar energy system is one of the biggest contributions you can make to saving our planet and counteracting global warming. The pollutants emitted from the utility company is one of the biggest contributor to the green house effect. Cutting down on the electricity we draw from the grid will mean less carbon emissions resulting into a cleaner environment for us and the next generation.

Huge Savings. Most homes will only achieve being a hybrid solar energy home. Every kilowatt (KW) of energy that you produce with your solar panels represents a KW of energy that you don’t have to pay for from your utility company. This savings could be as much as 60% to 80% of your utility bill. Imagine what that could mean to your family. That’s more money for groceries, school supplies, vacation and much more

It increases the value of your home. Going solar is one of the upgrades that you can make to your home that will guarantee to increase the value of your home. Because the result of the upgrade is measurable and can be proven by the reduction of your utility bill. Even if you sell your home, it will appraise for higher than a home without the solar panels. And its up to you, you could either sell your home for the increased value it has with the solar panels, or you could take your panels with you to your new home. In either caseFree Web Content, you win.

The above are just a few of the many benefits of going solar and installing a solar energy system in your home.

Home Solar Power: Save Money With Your Own Home Solar Power System

Home solar power systems convert sunlight into electricity through the use of solar panels. For an average home about ten watts per square foot of electrical energy will be gathered per day. This will vary depending on a number of factors including panel size and type, amount of sunlight, and length of time direct sunlight is available.

A home solar power system will cost considerably more as an initial investment, but will be very cost effective in the long run. There are two main reasons for considering home solar power. First, of course, is the saving on your electric utility bill and secondly is the fact that solar power is renewable and environmentally friendly. There are NO polluting side effects.

There are 5 main components of a home solar power system that is connected to the electric grid. If you choose to be totally off-grid, it will also be necessary to have a storage battery to store excess energy your system generates.

  • Solar panels
  • Power converter
  • An electric panel
  • A utility meter
  • The utility grid
  • A storage battery unit (for off grid)

Solar panels are normally placed on the roof of your house, but may also be placed in any area that receives direct sunlight. Either installation must be placed to receive as much direct sunlight as possible. The solar panels convert sunlight into DC power.

The power converter is necessary to change the DC power into AC power which is what you receive from an electric utility. AC or alternating current is what household lights and appliances use.

The electric panel brings the power from the power converter to the breaker box. It is then distributed to the lights and outlets in the house.

In an on-grid system the electric utility meter handles excess power from your system, causing your utility meter to run backwards when your system is supplying power TO the utility grid. Then when you must receive power from the electric utility you receive credit for the amount previously supplied. A very nice feature of being on-grid.

And the last component in an on-grid system, the utility grid, will supply you with electricity during the night, on cloudy days, and when you need more electricity than your home solar power system produces.

If you will not be connected to the grid system — whether by choice or because the location is remote and not supplied with electricity, you will also need a storage battery unit to store the excess power from your home solar power system for use at night.

Is a home solar power system right for you? Maybe. Even though the initial costs are higher, the payback may well be worth considering. If you are building, remodeling, or even refinancing your home, the cost of home solar power can be included in the mortgage. Also, keep in mind that both state and federal governments offer attractive tax incentives when you install a home solar power system.

And best of all – wouldn’t be GREAT to never pay another electric utility bill?

Why wouldn’t you do it if you have the opportunity?