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U.S. states taking up wind energy mantle

Gains in wind power in the United States are coming up from the state level, with California among the leaders, an industry report found.

A report from the sidelines of a wind energy conference in California from the American Wind Energy Association finds the sector supports more than 100,000 jobs in the country. The state hosting the event is one of the national leaders in wind energy development and is on pace to get about half of its renewable energy needs met by wind power by 2030 — California.

Chris Brown, the president of wind power company Vestas Americas and departing head of the AWEA board, said the advancement is extending into Middle America.

“We’re lowering our costs, making the grid more stable, creating jobs in rural and Rust Belt America, and delivering value to utilities and major corporate customers,” he said in an address to the conference.

By state, Texas, the No. 1 oil producer in the United States, has the most installed wind power capacity on the grid and the most in the first quarter with 724 megawatts. In March, German energy company E.ON announced plans to build batteries in Texas that have the ability to store 20 megawatts of power from renewable energy resources. The company said wind farms are becoming more cost-competitive, with the budget for the Texas projects coming in below what similar projects cost in 2009.

The support does not extend to all shale-rich states in the south. Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin ended a tax credit for the wind industry this year, saying the renewable sector was competitive enough to rest on its laurels. Wind advocates in the state said a tax on future developments would get in the way of further advancements.

Speaking at the California wind conference, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds said wind energy could spur economic development in her state.

“Our energy plan will help us continue to lead the way in wind energy and renewable fuels,” she said.

By the AWEA’s metrics, the $25 million per year in land lease payments for wind developments in Iowa makes it the equivalent of a “drought-resistant cash crop.”

Wind energy to power Unilever sites in UK

Unilever has announced that 15 of its U.K. sites are using electricity derived from renewable wind sources.

In an announcement on Tuesday, the consumer goods company said that since April, Unilever U.K. had been the “dedicated beneficiary” of energy produced at a 23-turbine strong wind f arm owned by renewable energy business Eneco U.K.  #windenergy  #energy

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Why Build A Homemade Wind Turbine?

Using the power of the wind is probably one of the world’s most popular methods of creating renewable energy. It isn’t going to damage the environment because it doesn’t generate any noxious output, it is a renewable energy therefore it won’t run out and it is absolutely free for anybody to harvest.

Progression with hardware and science means that currently, there are dozens, even hundreds of wind turbine generators available today. You are going to have to spend somewhere in the area of $3,000 for a good robust, reliable unit and high electricity generating turbines up to and over $10,000.

It’s not an inexpensive matter having to fork out on ready made turbines, but they are still a fantastic investment that over time will pay for themselves over and over again. However, for the same amount that you would pay for one off the shelf turbine, you could make many homemade wind turbines. For a set of blueprints, you would expect to pay about $50 and the materials ill set you back about $250. You will probably find some of the materials that you need lying around your property and your local hardware store will probably stock the other items that you will need.

Making a homemade wind turbine has never been simpler. You don’t require an engineering disposition or any special understanding, you just require a capacity to read and a modicum of common sense and you will halfway there. Specialist tools and equipment aren’t necessary. Common or garden tools that you have sitting around your shed or garage will be adequate. Some parts of the construction may require the help of a couple of mates. It can be great fun, a family activity as well because it can bring the family closer together and you can discover more about helping to save the environment together.

Because you have the blueprints at your fingertips, you have the capability to build as many homemade wind turbines as you want. One alone won’t generate ample electricity for your property, howeverPsychology Articles, several units should and any superfluous electricity that you generate can be sold back to your energy supply company. The blueprints will also include how to build a solar power system. The power from this can be directed into the same system as your wind power giving you two ways to collect energy. This will ensure that you will very rarely have any power outages.

Countless numbers of property owners have switched over to renewable energy and to the power of the wind and have chosen to build a wind turbine at home to help save the environment and also save money at the same time.

By  Martin Loder