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China Leads World’s Renewable Energy Investment

Chinese solar manufacturers account for about 60 percent of global solar cell production, while major Chinese wind energy companies, including the world’s largest wind power developer, continued to expand abroad. In the hydropower sector, large Chinese … #renewableenergy #china #cleanenergy #energy

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Saudi Arabia Plans Up to $7 Billion of Renewable Energy Projects This Year

The Saudi projects this year will include 3.3 gigawatts of solar photovoltaic power and 800 megawatts of wind, Al Shehri said. Winning bidders will cover financing costs while the government guarantees to buy power produced from the projects over 25 … #renewableenergy #climatechange #renewableenergysources

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Germany shows how shifting to renewable energy can backfire …

Christmas Eve in Germany brought an extra bit of joy to some — utilities paid customers to use electricity rather than the other way around. When there is too much supply, those producing the power will pay others to use it. This phenomenon of … #renewableenergy #renewableenergysources #cleanenergy

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Batteries full of renewable energy could spell the end for fossil fuels

Yet despite this urgent gap opening in the market, storage solutions for renewable energy have been elusive. Excess energy has had to piggyback on the infrastructure created for fossil fuels. Moreover, entrepreneurs in the renewables sector have … #renewableenergy #cleanenergy #climatechange

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New transmission needed to meet corporate America’s growing demand for renewables

Large U.S. businesses – including Fortune 500 companies – are increasingly acting on their publicly announced renewable energy goals as new utility-scale wind and solar energy projects are now often the lowest cost power available. According to the WEF … #windpower #power #windenergy

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