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Many More Jobs Solar Power Creates Than Coal

This Simple Graphic Shows How Many More Jobs Solar Power Creates Than Coal

In recent weeks, Donald Trump has spoken on several occasions about his desire to revive the coal industry for the sake of preserving and creating jobs. But 2016 data shows shifting focus away from sustainable energy sources back to fossil fuels may preserve the jobs of those in the coal industry, the net effect will ultimately cost America hundreds of thousands of new jobs per year.

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Solar Energy in the Home and at Work

Solar energy actually has a lot of different uses and applications to your home and your work place, and it also offers a lot of different advantages. Since solar energy is now becoming more and more affordable, as compared before, it is now more sustainable to have it in your home and at your work place. Here are just some of the possible advantages of using solar energy.

Solar Hot Water Heater

One of the more common uses of solar energy is for solar hot water heaters. Most homes in America actually have a hot water heater, which is probably why it accounts for about a quarter of the total energy consumption of a typical American home. Unfortunately, the U.S. government actually spends a lot of money on paying off the energy consumed by these hot water heaters, about $13 billion every year, possibly making it the single biggest energy consumer in your home or work place.

Solar energy systems used on hot water heaters can actually help you save a considerable percentage on your utility bills, over 85% of the total electric water heating cost of your home. This is probably why a majority of the people who decided to invest in the solar hot water heating systems think that this is a wise decision indeed.

Solar Energy Power

Solar energy or electricity is actually derived from certain solar energy technology and photovoltaic solar technology that allows you to convert solar heat into reusable energy, allowing you to get power and electricity in your home and work place. At this day and age, there are actually over 200,000 homes that use solar energy technology, 10,000 of which are powered solely by solar energy. And with the introduction of different photovoltaic integrated products, and incorporating them into the construction of your home, or your work place, you can actually save a lot just from the initial cost of construction as compared to building a conventional custom house.

Solar Pool Heater

If your home, or work place, has a pool, then a solar pool heater is needed to keep that pool heated at a certain temperature. Solar energy is actually being used by over 300,000 pools in the U.S., and could dramatically lower your utility bill by a considerable amount.

Solar Energy Net Metering

Net metering is actually a means for people who use solar energy to power up their homes or work place to be able to sell back to the utility company whatever excess electricity that their home or work place is able to produce using solar energy technology, but is not able to use up. This means that you will be able to lower down the cost of your power and energy consumption, especially since you have another alternative source for getting your electricity.

Also, people will soon be able to choose where they want to get their electricity from. They could either get it from their conventional utility, or get their clean power from a source that is non-polluting, but is just a bit more expensive than your conventional utility.

Importance and Advantage of Solar Power

Solar panels are the best option to make use of supportable and even renewable nature’s resources to produce energy. It can be employed to gather sunlight and thereby transform it into energy which can be source for creating electricity.

It does not matter wherever you stay; home solar panels provide the option to install by foremost professional fitters. You can transform any kind of business or home into one which can use electricity produced through solar energy. Also if you do not gather adequate sunlight for producing your electricity, yet still you can accumulate an adequate amount of it to considerably decrease what you need.
As solar energy is sustainable it is also renewable similarly. On the other hand if we are talking about oil, it is not a renewable source of energy as if it is used for once means it is gone forever. Thus people are more inclined towards solar panels Perth.
Another advantage of solar cells is that they are silent. Also they have the power to absorb energy from the sun without producing any kind of noise.
A good thing about solar panels is that they do not cause any kind of pollution in our earth. This one of the biggest advantage compared to the other natural sources of energy. This is because most of the other sources provide energy through either smoke or even toxic waste release as its residue.
Here the beautiful part is that solar cells hardly require any kind of maintenance. This does not end here because the parts are immovable and thereby do not require to be fixed as they last for a long time period.
Even though solar panels might be costly to buy at the same time, you get the option of saving lots money for a long period. The fact is, by solar power WA you do not need to pay for the getting energy from the sun and moreover the price of oil is rising by each passing year.

Benefits of Solar Energy

One of the main benefits is your dependency on the electricity supplying company decreases and thereby you are not affected by any rise in charges or power outages.
Also you are choosing a non polluting source of energy and the important fact electricity power stations are driven by fossil fuel energy thereby creating pollution.
Energy which is coming from the sun provides electricity to be created in the place from where it is consumed which is your home. From the time when sunlight hours go beyond nicely for peak requirement, PV panels create electricity at times when it is most expensive and at the same time most in demand.
Also solar power installation can run with modest maintenance or requires little intervention after the initial setup of the system.
Hence, you can understand the importance and advantage of solar power over the electricity from the power station.

By Cerys Smith

Solar Energy Is a Powerful DIY Energy Option

Solar power is one DIY energy resource more and more people are considering. They are looking for ways to cut energy costs, and harnessing the sun’s power seems like an obvious choice. But before you start adding solar cells to your home, it’s important to consider the building’s location.

Look at Sunlight

When thinking about adding solar energy to your home, the first factor to consider is the sun itself. It means knowing how much sunlight hits the region and your property. If you live in a higher altitude or desert area, this will be easier to achieve. For those individuals who live in other areas of the country, how bright the sun is at midday is something to watch.

What Type of Sun Is Required

If your house only sits in direct sunlight for a few hours a day, you may want to rethink solar energy for your house. The reason is because solar energy requires a certain amount of bright, full, shadow-free sunlight to create enough electricity to be worth the effort and expense. If it’s often cloudy, there may not be enough power available to harvest the energy and convert it into electricity.

Don’t Forget About Shade

There are times when we like shade, especially when we’re in it. However, solar panels aren’t so fond of shade because this lowers the voltage output. Even a small amount of shade will dramatically change the output of energy. While the sun is a powerful DIY energy source, the amount of available power depends on where your home is located.

It’s important to remember that day shadows will take place, especially later or earlier during the day. Those times shouldn’t be a concern because the sun remains at an awkward angle. This means power is limited anyway and isn’t really being generated. It’s more important to avoid shadows from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., specifically during midday hours. This is when the sun should be directly over the building.

Angle Toward the Sun

Whenever you use the sun for a DIY energy source, the solar panels need to be put on mounts that are focused on the sun. When it’s angled toward the sun, it produces the most energy production. It also helps if the angle can be adjusted throughout the year, as light changes each season. Then make sure to maintain the solar panelsArticle Search, so you receive maximum DIY energy amounts.