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Wind, Water and Sunlight – Renewable Alternative Energy Sources by: Paul Person

We all know about it. Wind, water and sunlight are three of the best renewable alternative energy sources that we have–in abundance and for free! But one fact remains, we’re not utilizing them to their full potential.

Energy is a very big deal. We use a lot of it, and we get most of it by burning fossil fuels. The world has a limited supply of fossil fuel. It takes millions of years for oil, coal, and natural gas to form in the depths of the earth. Fossil fuel is NOT a renewable energy source. It’s finite. We WILL run out.

Burning fossil fuel for energy is not a good thing for either our health or our planet’s health. The emissions caused by burning fossil fuel are polluting our air – that’s the air we breathe! We’ve got to do better. We have simply got to come up with a way to harness renewable energy sources like wind, water, and sunlight that will provide the energy we need and none of the pollution that we don’t need.

Using wind, water, and sunlight to provide power isn’t a new concept. People have been using wind, water, and sunlight for thousands of years. Wind, water, and sunlight are renewable energy sources; there’s plenty of all three, and none of them add anything bad to the air we breathe. There’s no toxic waste, either.

Refineries must buy crude oil to produce the gasoline and diesel that we use in our cars and trucks. Utility companies must buy the gasoline and diesel that’s used to create much of the electricity that powers our homes. But if we just put the technology that’s already been developed to use to power our cars, our trucks, our homes, and all of the thousands of little conveniences that we rely on and improve on the technology, we can have our power and our clean air both. We won’t have to choose. And wind, water, and sunlight are all free!

Of course, it’s easier said than done. But unless we make a step towards that direction, we will always rely on the fossil fuels to power our lives. Plans have been laid out, technologies are being created, all that’s missing is our will and determination to keep at it until we accomplish our goal.

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Building the Bridge from Wall Street to Green Street

Announcing 16th Annual Wall Street Green Summit in New York on March 27, 2017

New York, NY


This year’s Wall Street Green Summit is exceptionally innovative highlighting Blockchain, Microgrids, Hydrogen and Energy Storage Application.s Launched in 2002 by Peter Fusaro, the Summit covers cutting edge content, industry developments & innovations, and features pratitioners and the leaders of tomorrow. The emergence of the imapct economy is where may street investors team up with corporations, entrepreneurs and government to solve environmental and social problems where generating susbstantial and growing financial retruns

The 2017 Wall Street Green Summit is your “one-stop shop” to come up to speed on the latest developmetns in Green Innovation and Finance. Topics covered include:

Renewable Energy Finance

New Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

Fintech and Energytech Soutions

Impact Investing Updates

Smart Grid & Energy Storage Opportunities

Technology for Future Cities

Microgrid Finance

Five Green Impact Fund Strategies

Cleantech Investment Today

Innovations in Solar Finance

Transitioning to th eLow Carbon Hydrogen Eonomy

“Our 2017 Summit will be our most innovative and best one yet as we take the deep dive into Blockchain for Sustainabiliyt,” said Peter C. Fusaro, Founder of the Wall Street Green Summit.

For more information or to regsiter for the Summit, please go to our conference website at http://www.wsgts.com or call Carmen Cook, VP, Marketing, Global Change Associates ate 212-222-3775 or carmen@global-change.com.