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Alternative energy is very much a topical issue today, given how pricy fuel has gotten

Wind energy is one such alternative energy source, and the spotlight has set on the efficiency of wind farms. Using wind as an alternative energy source means having a renewable power that is incredibly clean. Wind is caused by differences in the temperature on the ground, which comes from the heat of the sun, so in essence wind power could be said to originate from solar power. The wind is thus channeled to generate electricity.
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Alternative Energy Resources That Are Clean And Renewable

Just why do we need to develop alternative energy sources … and what options do we have?

Round about 95% of the World’s energy demands – in other words, our electricity, heating and transport – are derived from fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas.

Do you know why they’re called fossil fuels? Well, it’s because they’ve been formed from the organic remains of prehistoric animals and plants.

Unfortunately, these fuels pollute the atmosphere terribly with carbon dioxide, thus contributing to global warming and the greenhouse effect. On top of that, they’re unsustainable fuels, meaning that, eventually, the sources will be used up.

So, our aim nowadays is to find and develop other sources of energy. Sources which first of all, do not pollute the atmosphere and, secondly, which are sustainable. In other words, clean, renewable energy, sourced from fuels which will not run out.

Fortunately, we have a number of options open to us when it comes to developing alternative energy, for example:

• solar energy
• wind power
• wave and tidal power
• biomass power
• geothermal energy

Nuclear power is also an alternative to fossil fuels and which is low in carbon dioxide. However, it does produce highly toxic, hazardous waste, and is not a renewable source of energy, for its fuel – uranium – is finite.

But, let’s take a closer look at the various renewable energy options.

Solar Energy

Perhaps the best-known form of renewable energy, the sun’s rays are focused onto solar panels full of photovoltaic cells and converted into usable electricity.

Wind Power

Wind farms have as their advantage the fact that they’re extremely quick to build, with modern-day wind turbines harnessing the strong power of the wind to generate electricity.

Wave and Tidal Power

Very much in the early stages of development, the immense power of crashing waves is harnessed to provide a clean form of energy.

Underwater turbines known as tidal stream generators also use the power created by changing tides to provide energy.

Biomass Power

With this, biological materials from living or recently living organisms, such as trees, grass, agricultural and urban waste, are converted into an energy source.

Geothermal Energy

The inside of the Earth is tremendously hot. Geothermal energy involves tapping into this heat and converting it into electricity.

As you can see, we certainly don’t lack options when it comes to finding forms of renewable energy. It’s now well-past the time for us all to follow the fine examples of such countries as Sweden and Finland, and make a determined effort to develop and use alternative energy sources.
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Alternative Types Of Renewable Energy Sources

The Anthem of the Energy Crisis

The world has been in any energy crisis for generations now, at least. Mankind has used and used and depleted the Earth’s non-renewable energy resources and it has now become difficult to provide humanity with the energy that it demands. Consequently, work on alternative sources of energy has been made which includes the work on renewable energy like solar for almost 4 decades now. This article discusses how solar energy is the cleanest source and the fluctuation in its pricing recently.

Renewable Energy World

Energy conservation is a topic that is close to almost everyone’s hearts today. We are just beginning to realize how fast we will run out of non-renewable sources of energy like coal and water. As a consequence, alternate forms of energy are constantly being experimented with and tested on in order to provide mankind with energy for the coming generations. While this debate was opened many, many years ago, we also decided to consider renewable sources of energy like wind and sun energy. These forms of energy were expensive back in the 70s, but over the following years, seeing the energy crisis that the world is going into, these alternate forms of energies have gone down in terms of pricing. Statistics tell us that the pricing of solar energy has gone down from $150/Watt in the 1970s to 60 cents/watt today. That is a huge drop which allows us to envision using solar panels and actually making a difference in the world.

Advantages Of Renewable Energy

If you live in a part of the world that sees sunny days almost 80 to 90 percent of the 365 days of a year, then using solar energy can save us big costs and also help us conserve energy. Sustainable energy solutions  are being worked on every day now and their utility is completely relevant to the lifestyles of most people. Furthermore, the project of solar energy increased employment in the U.S. in the recession of 2007. Companies hired new people to install panels and some trained older employees to install them and work with them. An advantage of solar energy is that it is installed right where it is needed. This means that it eliminates the need for electrons to travel for miles an hour, losing 6 percent of their total efficiency in the travel process. This was also better because it was providing more energy than the other sources. The best about solar energy is that it is absolutely clean to use and that anyone can maintain and fix it for themselves, even though there are many solar light suppliers present.

Solar energy systems home may still be expensive to buy and install but what many companies have come up with is more of an installment plan where you make one big payment and keep on paying small amounts every month. The world needs solutions for the energy crisis and solar power and wind power seems to be the solution we are looking for. Houses and offices can easily be powered by solar energy and because there is hardly any wastage, this form of energy is also more efficient compared to hydrothermal or hydroelectric. With such astonishing statistics, the number of solar light suppliers has increased in the recent years and these firms are also working on sustainable solutions for humanity. While there is a competition in alternative energy, including wind energy, biomass and geothermal and they are being effectively used to solve the energy crisisFree Articles, solar energy remains unparalleled and demands to be invested in and it is important to learn  how do we use solar energy.