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Use Turbines For Wind Power

In terms of physics, energy is an indirectly pragmatic quantity that comes in many types such as potential energy, radiant energy, solar energy, kinetic energy and wind energy. In simple words, it is a crucial element required for performing mechanical task. Mainly energy comes from two sources such as renewable or non renewable. Renewable sources are those which can be renewed again and again such as sunlight, rain, waves, tides, wind and geothermal heat. On the other hand, non renewable sources are those which cannot be used again such as fossil fuels, coal, petroleum and natural gas.

Wind is a renewable source of energy. The force produced by wind is termed as wind energy. Wind energy is used for producing electricity with the help of turbines. Turbines for Wind Power converts kinetic energy into mechanical energy with the help of wind forces. Wind power refers to the process of converting one form of energy into other. The device which is used for the process of wind power is known as wind power plant or wind turbine. The mechanical energy produced from wind turbine is used for many purposes such:

1.Driving machinery

2.Charging batteries

3.Electricity generation

4.Pumping water

5.Grinding grains

6.Crude manufacturing


Wind power is consistently pure and completely renewable. It does not emit any harmful radiations, therefore it is clean process. It keeps the environment pollution free and healthy. Wind turbine consists of mainly two axis such as horizontal and vertical. Horizontal axis of wind turbines is equipped with electrical generator, blades and rotor shaft. Wind sensors are also there in large turbines. Turbine blades are specially designed for pushing purposes. Turbine blades are located at a significant distance in front of the tower and are twisted towards the wind forces. The blades are positioned in such a way that support is being provided to the tower. These turbines are used for commercial production of electric power in wind farms. These turbines are highly reliable and durable. They offer speed up to over 320 km/h (200 mph) and are highly efficient. Turbines are also accompanied with gear box, which is specifically used for speeding up the generators.

Also, there is a vertical axis twisted turbine. The vertical axis is mainly equipped with rotor shaft running perpendicularly. Gear box is placed at the bottom of the turbine. Following are the types of vertical axis of wind turbines such as:

Darrieus Wind Turbines: these are specially designed to create cyclic strain on the tower. This type is highly economical. It contains three turbine blades in it. The structure is placed on bottom up type.

Aerodynamic turbine: it is made up of airfoil and specifically designed for capturing kinetic energy. It provides an artificial current to the center. It has many advantages over large turbines. It may work in creeks, oceans, rivers and many more.

Also, there are many other types of vertical axis such as Giromill, Savonius Wind Turbine mills and many more.